Wednesday, 31 August 2016


It is always exciting when new products are released as you know there is always a exciting reason behind a release and being Japanese and the brand Shu Uemura, you know it going to be good!

The star products are Stage Performer Lasting Eye Priming Fluid and Moisture Essence-in gel.


Shu Uemura celebrates it's very first eye make-up base. Stage Performer is designed to create a flawless finish which is usually unattainable due to the fact the delicate skin around the eye area can sag and wrinkle or loss of moisture in this area can cause makeup to smudge, crease or even fall off!

Shu Uemura lasting eye primer incorporates true colour veil technology by creating a thin film and allowing makeup to adhere smoothly. The primer instantly adjusts to your skin tone, forming the ideal eye canvas for a flawless makeup finish.

The primer comes in a 12ml tube. The colour is soft pale pink while the texture is more of a lotion consistency but then disappears into a powdery transparent finish. I noticed immediately that my eye area has softened.

I found my eye shadow blended better as well as my make-up staying put. During most days I and in an air-conditioned environment and I noticed a difference as my makeup did not sink into my wrinkles or creases in my eye socket throughout the entire day.


Shu Uemura has harnessed the power of science and nature with its new HydraDrench complex - consisting of yuzu citrus extract and glycerin—to increase aquaporins (also known as water pathways) in skin cells to boost hydration.

The yuzu citrus extract delivers messages to the skin to enhance aquaporin production. Glycerin carries water molecules and helps to deliver water to the skin, while preventing water from evaporating.

This Moisturise Essence-in Gel is light-weight and I assume is more for oily skin (there is no indication on the packaging that states skin types). There is a cooling wet sensation when I apply the gel to my face. It soothing and my skin instantly feels moisturised.  I did find my skin to be better hydrated throughout the day, but as this product is aimed at women in their 20s it is not quite suitable for me as there are no anti-ageing properties in it.  Even though it feels amazing on the skin it will not assist me in what my skin needs at my age.

There are no Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates and is dermatologically and allergy tested.

If you find the gel not hydrating enough or you like a heavier moisturiser there is also a moisture intensive essence-in cream available.

Overall, these products are fab especially the eye primer, I totally love it.

The Moisture Essence-in Gel moisturiser RRP $98 and the Stage Performer primer RRP $48.

Shu Uemura skincare and makeup are available on counter at David Jones.  For stockists contact 1300 651 991.

Products were received during an event.  Opinions are my own.


Waxaway salon quality use-at-home depilatory products are made by professional beauty therapists and are designed to be sensitive on the skin, meaning less redness, itchiness and bumps, common reactions experienced when using other waxes. They do need to go into the microwave (arrgghhh!) but are fail proof and safe. The only part that goes into a microwave is the cartridge and only for 10 seconds.

This Aquawax Roll-on kit is a 3 in 1 total body waxing kit. An easy to use water-soluble roll on wax cartridge for instant salon quality results. 

The kit comes with a rectangular bottle of heatable wax, and three different rolling applicators of different sizes, to be used on different parts of the body.

The largest size is designed for the legs.

The medium sized applicator is perfect for the under arm or bikini line.

And the smallest one is quite fine and is well suited for eye brow waxing.

 Also included were 12 reusable wax sheets, which are the standard size for a leg wax.

The instruction leaflet was clear and simple and required me to remove the two caps from the wax bottle, attach my chosen applicator, put the bottle of wax on a plate then pop it in the microwave on high for ten seconds.

Generally I use those instant wax strips, the ones that contain two sheets of plastic stuck together with wax in between. I was initially put off by this seemingly more complicated product, as I usually shy away from microwavable wax with separate wax strips. My past experience with this sort of thing has not been good, as I have found it time consuming, messy, and too easy to get it wrong. But I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of this product and the results were fantastic.

I chose to wax my legs for this trial, so attached the largest applicator and went to work! The wax was very easy to roll on, with a good consistency (not too sticky). I found there was a large margin of error for this process. I applied the wax thickly sometimes and others times thinly and still seemed to receive a perfect result. Each strip can be used at least several times before you have to give it a wash and dry, so 12 strips was more then enough.

I was expecting the whole process to be more time consuming than using my regular wax strips, but I actually found it easier and a lot more enjoyable! For every section of my legs I treated, not a single hair was left over, which is not my experience with the ready to go wax strips I ordinarily use. 

Usually I have to go over an area twice with my usual wax strips to get all the hairs, which leaves my skin a bit raw. Sometimes, even after two goes I still have a few stray hairs left over. I'm not able to wax an area a third time without ending up with very irritated skin.  With the applicator you can put wax on whatever area you need, tailoring the wax to what ever shape you need to, another aspect of this product that I really loved.

After I finished my leg wax, the clean up took several minutes. This wax is water soluble, so washing it off the strips and your skin is a breeze! I removed the applicator and washed it with warm water. I briefly soaked all the wax strips in warm water, followed by a quick rinse, and hung them to dry. 

Overall I found the clean up very quick and easy, and this formula dissolves like a dream. Usually I have to use oil to get remaining wax off my skin, and even add a bit of scrubbing, further irritating raw skin. This product has solved this problem for me.

The kit works well with bump eRaiser, a post wax anti-bacterial treatment to help prevent ingrown hairs. I used this gel in the shower after waxing. The product smells fresh with that distinctive anti-bacterial fragrance. It contains tea tree and orange oils, and guarana which is added to boost the skins energy. I like that this product can be used on any body part, even the face, and can also prevent pimples and break outs.

Bump eRaiser has an RRP of $16.75, which is reasonable. A little goes a long way with this product, as it creates a rich foam.

The Waxaway Aquawax salon at home kit retails for $17.95, which in my opinion is a steal. Given that I usually pay about that price for a 20 pack of ready to go wax strips, which are so much less effective then this product, an aqua wax kit is definitely better value.

Waxaway Aquawax & Bump eRaiser are available from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist, Shaver Shop, leading salons, pharmacies & beauty outlets.

Or check out their website &

These products were sent for my consideration

Friday, 26 August 2016


I'm a lipstick fiend. I can never have enough of them. I love their pigments, texture and their bullet casings, especially when they are luxurious. Bobbi Brown knows how to do luxe. Starting from the gold packaging all they way to the formula, the rich creaminess of the lipstick is pure sublime.

Bobbi Browns New Classics pays homage to the original lip colour shades that launched the brand back in 1991. These vibrant, highly pigmented lipsticks moisturises and leaves lips looking lush.

The Lipstick

Bobbi is a flattering nude that would suit all skin types.  It wasn't flat instead the colour has depth and warmth.

I'm not a red person as for some reason I look more like Charlotte the harlot in red, but I didn't mind this one.  I need to ease myself into this colour. I wore it quite lightly almost like a stain under gloss as it is highly pigmented.

This would have to be my favourite out of the three. The dusty pink is perfect for any skin tone and will complement any makeup look.  It's deep but soft at the same time.

The lipsticks have a much flatter and wider bullet tip for quicker application, and a point shaped for a precise edge without having to use a brush. They are buttery-smooth and opaque in one stroke. They go on like silk and stay creamy for several hours. Even after you've eaten or had a cup of coffee, the lipstick has come off but it leaves a stain which gives colour to the lips.

The swatches below were done with only one swipe.


Imperial Red

Uber Rose

There are 10 new limited edition colours in the collection and are available on counter from September 4.  The RRP are $52 each.

The Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colours will be available at all Bobbi Brown counters and boutiques. For more information check out their website here.

Products were provided for my consideration

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Bobbi Brown is always about the natural flawless look and with the current raging trend for contouring, Bobbi Brown has created multi-purpose concealers that also serve a variety of purposes.

They have introduced two new concealers – Retouching Face Pencil and Retouching Wand.

Retouching Face Pencil
This Face Pencil perfects skin on the go. It can be used to retouch shadows, dark spots, cover redness and highlight the face. It can also be layered over foundation for added coverage.

The pencil comes with it's own sharpener. The tip has a firm yet creamy texture. It glides on comfortably and blends really easily. It is also great for precise concealing. When pimple appears or red spots, I simply tap it on the spot and blend.

Swatch colour 'Porcelain'. I absolutely loved this pencil.  It was so easy to use and blend that I did not need to apply any other product afterwards.

There are 9 shades in the collection and 1 Illuminate Pencil that is ideal for all skin tones. The Illuminate Pencil can be used for highlighting cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes, or browbones. Or use it to create a subtle strobing effect - just swipe on the high points of the face and blend in with fingers.

How to best use your Retouching Face Pencil 

To conceal shadows
Choose a pencil one to two shades lighter than your skin tone.
Apply on inner corners of the eyes, around the nose, and corners of mouth.

To cover dark spots
Start with a pencil one to two shades lighter than your skin tone.
Next, layer with a pencil that matches your skin tone.

To cover redness
Choose a pencil that matches your skin tone.
Apply before or after foundation, wherever you see redness. 
It can also be used to touch up skin throughout the day.

To highlight
Apply the Illuminate Pencil on top of the cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes, 
and on browbones.  Blend with fingers.

Available now in stores in 10 shades - RRP $ 46

Retouching Wand

This product is a hybrid between a concealer and foundation. Instantly erasing imperfections such as redness, and dark circles with a quick touch of the sponge. It’s said to feature a patented pigment technology that makes possible a formula light and virtually undetectable on the skin.

This portable lightweight concealer has a creamy texture and provides sheer to medium coverage that blends onto skin easily.  This is perfect for girls who do not like to feel the heaviness of product on their face (me).

The wand works by twisting the base until product is dispersed via the sponge tip applicator - similar to the Touche Eclat. 

This unique formula seamlessly blends into the skin.  It features patented pigment technology to deliver an undetectable, no-makeup coverage, giving you that airbrushed finish, no blending required. Use it just where you need it or all over, as you would a foundation.

The Retouching Wand can be applied under the eyes, around the nose, chin and forehead. It is also perfect for around the lip area and serves as barrier to prevent lipstick bleeding. 

It can also be used on it's own to conceal redness, or over your base product for a more perfected look.

The Retouching Wand was easy to control and apply.  I was able to achieve a flawless look covering all my skin imperfections - rosacea, redness on the chin and pigment on the high cheek area.  I did not use any foundation whilst using the wand.

The retouching wand comes in 9 shades, all with yellow to neutral undertones.

Available in stores on September 4 - RRP $62

The Bobbi Brown Retouching Face Pencil is available now and the Wand will be available from September 4 at all Bobbi Brown counters and boutiques. For more information check out their website here.

Product was included in my goodie bag from a media event I attended

Monday, 22 August 2016


This week it's all about Bobbi Brown. They have so many new releases there is too many to squeeze into one post. I will be releasing three product launch reviews this week dedicated to the brand.

The new Bobbi Brown City Collection Eye & Cheek Palette has captured hearts all over the globe with this very chic palette series. I for one am a sucker for pretty packaging and instantly fell in love with these.

For Bobbi Brown's 25th anniversary, they wanted to do something different. They decided to do a special collaboration with renowned artist, Richard Haines to create a collection of memorable palettes inspired by three iconic fashion cities. From the cool New Yorker to the fashionable Brit to the chic Parisian, the palettes and hand-picked shades inside perfectly capture what they love about each city.

The Collection will be available in three shade selections. Each palette contains four eye shadows in matte and metallic finishes as well as one blush.


Inspired by New Yorkers' cool, effortless style, the New York Palette features four nude shadows in matte and metallic finishes and the perfect natural blush shade.


Inspired by Londoners' sophisticated style, the London Palette features warm nude and rich navy shadows and a flattering, peachy-pink blush. 


Inspired by Parisians' effortlessly chic style, the Paris Palette features four shadows in nude and deep grey shades plus the perfect, pink shade of blush.

As many of you may have experienced, whenever you buy a palette, there is always a colour or colours that you will either never use or rarely use. What is great about these palettes is that the colours have been carefully put together to ensure that you use all of them. This is my first Bobbi Brown palette and I am really impressed over the quality and shades. Below are my swatches of the palette.

As you can see the colours are subtle. The eye shadows are beautifully pigmented but soft. The colours are buildable, I was able to apply as little or as much as I wanted and the blending was super easy. The texture is quite silky. I love that the palette stays clean. I have some palettes that the powder creates a mess when you apply the brush on it to pick up some product.

This is the blush. It is not highly pigmented which I love. I have a few blush palettes that I rarely use because it is so pigmented I really have to be careful that I don't over apply, which I usually do! With this blush, it is buildable so you can't go wrong when you first apply. It's subtle and soft. I have brushed my wrist around four times to get this colour.

The Bobbi Brown City Collection Eye & Cheek Palette will be available from September 4 at all Bobbi Brown counters and boutiques.  For more information check out their website here.

Product was included in my goodie bag from a media event I attended

Friday, 19 August 2016


I've been obsessed with Cushion foundations since I tried it a few months ago. An ingenius invention and new way of applying foundation that limits the amount of foundation absorbed by the applicator which ensures that just the right amount of foundation is applied to the skin. Yet another intelligent idea from the Koreans who are the leaders in beauty technology.

So why is it trending?

The cushion and applicator are made to not absorb the product too much giving you ultimate control to build your coverage and giving you that flawless even-toned look. There is very little room for error.

With the applicator pressed into to cushion you apply pressure to transfer the liquid to the applicator and then to your skin. The only difference with using a cushion is that you press the product into your skin instead of wiping. Of course you can blend after you have applied all over.

The compacts are convenient, lightweight and easy to use. I have three cushion compacts and compared the differences.


An airy foundation with a gorgeous, sheer-to-medium buildable dewy finish giving you a luminous complexion.  It is not a heavy coverage foundation which is perfect for me as I do not like the heaviness of foundation especially in Summer.  It's texture is silky and the finish is really beautiful giving a flawless look.

Skincare benefits include improved hydration and ingredients such as soothing adenosine and pigment-targeting pine needle extract. In US, the packaging says SPF23/PA++.

Comes in 6 shades. This has an SPF of 23.

Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion

The packaging is truly luxe. The cushion feels sturdy and has an elegance about it. The application is super easy and quick. The product dispenses pretty evenly onto the sponge and goes onto the skin really nicely. It has a mousse-y creamy texture. It felt light on the skin as if nothing was applied at all.

Its mechanism is slightly different to the Lancome. Instead of a sponge there is a metal plate with the Givenchy "G" with the foundation squeezing through the tiny holes.

The product is sheer and coverage is light, so my rosacea was still visible. I tried building it up and but the product failed to deliver in terms of coverage.  A little disappointing but worked well when concealer applied underneath.

Comes in 4 shades.  This has an SPF of 10.

DR JART+ Time Returning BB Cushion

This cushion is similar to the Lancôme using the sponge technology. The packaging is mirrored gold, looks and feels luxe. It almost looks identical to the Lancôme packaging.

Dr Jart+ BB Cushion has other exceptional features other than coverage. It gives skin instant firmness while concealing and correcting uneven skin tone, blemishes, enlarged pores, and dehydrated skin.

This multi-functional BB cream is enriched with hydrolysed collagen and pomegranate extract to firm and tighten skin elasticity as grape seed oil and arbutin brighten and hydrate. The moist-textured balm conceals blemishes and enlarged pores, corrects uneven skin tone and texture. 

Comes in two shades and has the highest SPF coverage of the three cushions of SPF 30.

Out of the three my favourite would be the Dr Jart+. My complexion looked absolutely flawless. I was really surprised as the Lancôme cushion was my first buy and I loved it and still do!

I was disappointed with the Givenchy. I expected a better coverage from the brand. However, coverage seemed good with the use of concealer.

If you use cushions, which is your favourite brand?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Beach St Tanning Studio is located on busy Oxford St which has an upmarket sanctuary feel. The decor is crisp with a distinct summery feel, which was nice when stepping off the cold streets in the middle of winter. 

All the staff had matching, very summery outfits, with long skirts with high side splits showing off the spray tans they offer. From stepping in the door I was immediately met with friendly and attentive staff who gave me some very delicious and summery iced tea and banana chips to munch on while I filled in a client form. 

After a short period, my assigned staff member Jules came over and discussed with me what kind of tan I was after. I decided on something light as it was the middle of winter and I didn’t want to look too out of place. She assessed my skin tone which is olive and told me she would use a light coating of  “fudge” which has a blue base and compliments olive skin.

The tan process was performed in a private booth, where I was left to undress, and given the option to wear a pair of disposable gstring. The spray tan was a 3-step process including a primer, the actual colour of the spray tan and finally a moisturising Vitamin E finish. 

The 3-step process is unique to Beach St tanning which means their spray tans last longer than most (7-10 days). The whole spray tan process took about 15 minutes, I was then given instructions on how to maintain my tan. I was to shower 3-4 hours after, with no scrubbing to the skin. 

The outcome was great and very natural looking. I had a noticeable sun kissed glow, as promised, and was not at all orange or fake looking.

Unfortunately I cannot get the exactly the same exposure for the photos due to different weather condition and time of day.

Top - Before spray tan,        Bottom - After - spray tan

Left - Before spray tan,         Right - After - spray tan

7 days later, my tan has faded a little but is still noticeably present and looks great.

Overall I found the staff at beach st very helpful and friendly and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I found the quality of the spray tan to be very good, and the lasting time was true to what the staff had told me.

To find out more or book an appointment visit their website

Spray tan was provided for review

Monday, 15 August 2016


The Bobbi Brown brand is turning 25 and they are celebrating with its new “Be Who You Are” campaign. With lots of exciting new product launches and a revamp to its in-store make-up applications, there is no wonder there is excitement around the brand.

The Be Who You Are campaign focuses on the belief that the secret to beauty is simple – just be who you are. To deliver this message, the campaign features women of all ages and ethnicities rather than focusing on one celebrity.

Media were invited to an intimate sit down workshop to learn about the campaign and history and it's upcoming launches for Spring/Summer.

In store make-up lessons have been simplified for customers to understand and feel as if it more catered to their needs as well as walk away with tips and how to do the make-up themselves.

Here is an example of what to expect.

We were then taken through a sneak peek and play with the exciting collections being released throughout the year.

So many exciting products.

The OMG of palettes. The Limited-edition 25th Anniversary Nude Library is the ultimate palette. Words could not describe how beautiful this was to see up close. Available from September 4.  

For the month of September, these gorgeous BCA Art Stick Duo will be sold throughout all counters. For each Duo sold Bobbi Brown will donate 20% from the purchase price of each set to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Retouching Wands on the bottom of the image, are like cushion foundations on a stick. A hybrid of a cover-up and foundation. It is perfect for people who don't like makeup. Its invisible, weightless and covers imperfections.

Luxe Lip Colours. The gold packaging and creaminess of the lipstick is pure sublime. 10 new limited edition colours are available from September 4.  

Long-Wear Liquid Liners available in five exciting colours. My favourites from the collection are Baltic Blue Sparkle and Golden Bronze Sparkle.  I can't wait to get my hands on these.  On counter October 16.

These palettes tickled my heart strings.  They are absolutely stunning, way to gorg to use but when highlighting my face - there are no words.  Available on counters now.

On the right are the Sheer Color Cheek Tints.  Three Limited edition colours to pick from there is a shade to suit every skin type.  They are so creamy and blendable. Available on counters now.

Glass pots with the square bottom are the Long-Wear Cream Shadow.  These limited edition are pots of gold. Comes in four new colours.  Available on counters now.

Glass pots with round bottom are Long-wear Gel Eyeliner.  These are also limited edition pots. Comes in four colours.  Available on counters now.

 Isn't the packaging just fab.

Let's just take a moment to admire these palettes.

In celebration of Bobbi Brown's 25th anniversary, they have teamed up with Richard Haines to create a collection of palettes inspired by three iconic fashion cities.  From the cool New Yorker to the fashionable Brit to the chic Parisian, the palettes and hand-picked shades inside perfectly capture what they love about each city.

London Palette

New York Palette

Paris Palette

These are just a small handful of what is hitting counters. Visit your local Bobbi Brown counter to check out the rest of the exciting products launching throughout the year.

I had to include the video we watched during the event. It is truly inspiring to see all ages of beautiful women come together in this video.  

Bobbi Brown products are available at Bobbi Brown Studio Mosman, selected Myer and David Jones stores and online at

I attended as a media guest
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