Sunday, 31 January 2016


Global Babe is a glamorous new French fashion label based in St Tropez, representing the international woman of elegance.

Fiona Argyle, founder of this gorgeous new label is empowering women worldwide to make bold and creative fashion statements. The new range of eight bold coloured luxury strong hats are designed by women for women.

Global Babe strong hats is a first of it's kind.  Everything about this hat is different to what the market is currently offering. With SPF 50+ protection from the sun is a huge plus for me when I'm looking for a hat to buy. 

What makes it different is that inside the fabric around the rim there is a flexible rod to style the hat as you please.  Making it suit every face shape and size.

The hat can also be flattened and folded to pack in your luggage when travelling, making it the perfect travelling accessory.

The strong hats can easily be worn with both casual and formal outfits, making it the perfect accessory stable for your wardrobe.  

These hats are also available for children with three colours to choose from.

You cannot deny the quality of hat. The fabric and stitching is at it's best. It's sturdy and lightweight and definitely a hat that would last a long time unless it blows away!

Unfortunately, there is one downfall I found with this hat.  The head rim is not for everyone.  I struggled to keep the hat on as I found it large. I'm not entirely sure if it's also because there is weight on the rim of the hat that it provokes the hat to move so much. I like my hat to stay put when I have it on my head.

Whenever I moved my head left to right the hat would swing around.  The hat also flew off my head whilst walking along the beach when a gush of wind picked it up.  It wasn't secure and it felt slightly awkward wearing it.

I would like to think for the price of $123, that there would be different sizes like S, M, L; but I could not see this on the website.

Global Babe hats are available online only.  To find out more about these chic hard hats visit Global Babe's official website at

Product was provided for my consideration

Monday, 25 January 2016


Just before Christmas I was sent to get a pamper sesh thanks to Faby Nails.

This was exciting for me as I'm normally the DIY type of gal and I do not normally treat myself to a professional mani and pedi.

I headed to Avaria Face Body Nails at Glebe and met with the lovely owner Helen.  Poor thing was limited in what she could do with my hands and nails as they had been butchered due to me DIYing renovations at home!

The salon is quaint and cosy and very inviting.  The location is also easily accessible with plenty of parking and bus stop near by.

Spoilt for choice in colours, it took me a good 5 minutes to select a colour. the colour I chose was a coral.

I had Faby Gels done (first time) on the hands and feet.  I'm already a huge fan of Faby nail colours for their quality and durability. So this was a good test to see how the gels go.

Colour used 'Sweet Tunes'

After an hour of chat and relaxation, I was done.  I kept touching my nails as I wasn't used to them being dried.  I usually walk around my home with my hands out like a zombie.  It took a while to get used to that gels are more durable that normal lacquer.

I am happy to report that my mani was immaculate for three weeks.  Regrowth got the better of me and I removed the gels. 

Gels will be something that I would do again in the future especially if I have special events coming up or even a holiday.  It will be one less thing for me to worry about.

Have you had gels done?  Which do you prefer gels or normal laquer?

Check out Faby's range of colours and polishes

Gel mani was provided as a blogger treat

Friday, 15 January 2016


A few months ago I discovered a love for palettes. I've always been a single eye shadow pot kinda of girl but lately palettes have been looking so pretty that I must have them!

RRP $42.00

Who could resist the It Cosmetics The Romantics Naturally Pretty Matte Palette right? It’s very pretty.

These 14 luxe matte Anti-ageing matte shadows were developed with leading plastic surgeons to instantly diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles on the eyes and lids.  Formulated without talc, these shadows are designed to make your lids look younger instead of older and are formulated with ingredients including Peptides, Collagen, Silk and Antioxidants!

None of the colours are shimmer which is great as every single eye shadow colour I own has some kind of shimmer. 

Each shade can transform from matte to pearl with the transforming pearl shade. So whether you love matte or pearl, you have the best of both worlds! All shades can also be used wet or dry as shadows or liners. They are also buildable colours, which makes this palette perfect.

The swatch below is in order of the palette.  The very last swatch is the transforming pearl.

There are 56 possible colours (matte, pearl, wet, dry) with endless combinations. 

It Cosmetics also have a range of brushes to use with all their products. It is recommended to use the The Heavenly Luxe® No Tug® Dual Airbrush Eyeshadow Brush with this palette.

The doubled ended dual eye shadow brush is easy to use. The large flat side is for all over shadow and lid application and the smaller brush is a smudge brush to give you a more precise finish.

RRP $24.00

This high-quality synthetic brush is as ultra luxurious in feel as it looks. Its soft-touch rubberised handle makes application easy.

The ultra luxe brush glides pigment onto your lids easily for an airbrushed application that lasts. For anyone who wants a flawless airbrushed eye shadow application every time without tugging on the delicate eyelid area.

The It Cosmetics range are available at Sephora Australia in store and online.

Monday, 11 January 2016


Beauty Reign has kindly given me 5 Elucent products to try.  The following products are an exfoliating cleanser, a day and night cream, a spot corrector and a hand cream.

The Elucent whitening range targets sun damage, dull skin, discolouration and uneven skin tone. It is also suitable for anyone who wants a brighter skin complexion. I am trialling this product to address my skin concerns of a lack of radiance, and am hoping these products can deliver in helping me achieve a brighter, more radiant complexion.

While I am not hoping to “whiten” my skin, I have previously used products that describe themselves as “whitening” skin care products, and have found them to be very helpful in increasing the brightness of my complexion. I am hoping Elucent can do the same. I am also curious to see if these products can help more quickly to fade darkened spots left over from pimples and acne cysts. I find these marks can hang around on my skin for up to a year after the pimple or acne cyst has fully healed, and It would be great to find a product that could speed up the fading process.

The main actives in the Elucent range are emblica fruit extract, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Embilica fruit extract - also known as amla - is the most heralded of the ingredients in the Elucent formula- it a fruit extract extremely high in vitamin c and anti-oxidants. It is known to protects against photo ageing and discolouration, and can also repair existing sun damage and even tone, as well as creating skin brightness and radiance. I was once in the habit of taking amla internally as a supplement when I had a cold or if I was feeling a bit lack lustre. To my memory, it is a very powerful and effective supplement and always put the spring back into my step, so I am excited to see what it can do for skin topically.

The Elucent range contains vitamin B3, and looking at the ingredient list, there seems to be a fairly high amount of it in the formula (it is the fourth ingredient on the list). B3 can improve the appearance of aged, hyper pigmented and photo damaged skin.

All products in the line contain safflower seed oil which is another “skin brightener”. It also increases cell turn over and is moisturising and soothing. Vitamin E is also added to help improve skin barrier function and increase skin elasticity.

My overall impression of these products is positive. I am very impressed by the ingredients list and the chosen actives, and it appears to be a powerful little concoction they’ve devised. I found the line a pleasure to use, and looked forward to my morning and evening skin care rituals with the Elucent products. Over the one-month trial, my skin did take on a more radiant, bright appearance, and remained well moisturised without breaking out. The dark spots my skin left over from healed break outs, did seem to fade quicker then usual and this was a great surprise.

Here are some of my impressions of using the individual products;

Exfoliating Cleanser
RRP $25.39

I absolutely adore this cleanser. It has a creamy, milky consistency with a subtle, fine grainy texture. looking at the ingredients I'm guessing the grain is oat, which is a good choice as it is gentle on the skin. It makes a light foam, making it moisturising and non drying, but gives you an unmistakable clean feeling when you use it. My skin looks bright and refreshed after using this and my moisturiser sinks right in.

The product insert recommends using this product morning and night. I have felt a little hesitant to do this, as the product claims to be an exfoliating, and it also contains grains. In the past I have had beauty therapists advise me that I should only be using grainy exfoliates a few times per week maximum so I felt very reluctant to use this one twice a day, as I am concerned about over processing my skin. I have been using this cleanser only at night, and use a non-exfoliating cleanser for the morning.

Elucent Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF 30
RRP $42.39

This one comes in fantastic pump bottle, in a generous 95ml size. It has a light texture, perfect for a day time cream and under make up.  I love that it has a high SPF of 30 plus. It absorbs very well and is a good base for make up.

Elucent Whitening Night Moisturiser
RRP $42.39

The night cream has a richer feel then the day cream, and I get the impression is more of a work horse then the day cream. Its not overly thick and I find it absorbs fully after about ten minutes which is not too bad. 

After applying this one after my evening cleanse and tone, the brightening effect is instant, and its almost like I could just feel “something happening” when I put this cream on, if that makes sense?

Elucent Whitening Spot Corrector
RRP $ 42.39

I used this one only at night to help treat my pimple/acne scars, which are dark spots in a few different areas like my forehead, chin and cheeks. I applied a small amount just locally to the dark spots and gently massaged into the area. I waited for it to sink in before applying moisturiser on the top.

Elucent Whitening Hand Cream
RRP $20.99

I'm only 33, so I don’t have any significant ageing or discolouration to my hands, but for the sake of the trial, I used this hand cream daily for the four week period. 

I'm not sure I noticed much difference in using this compared to other hand creams I've used, but perhaps I just don’t pay much attention to the skin on my hands at present!!

Overall, I am overly impressed with these products and truly believe my skin will benefit from continual use of all of these products.  From a price point, these products are very affordable and I would not hesitate continuing use of these products in the future.

Elucent products are exclusive to Chemistwarehouse and MyChemist Australiawide and also on their website.  For more information about any of the whitening range head over to Elucent's website.



Guest Reviewer


I'm a lipstick hoarder. I love lipsticks and have an extensive collection.  I find it is really important for me to obtain the collection of Blurred Lines lipsticks so I can inform my readers about them.

Blurred Lines™ Smooth Fill Lipstick are colour rich, instant colour correction by evening out lip tone as well as extremely hydrating.

Infused with ingredients like Collagen, Peptides, Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Grape Seed Extract, these lipsticks certainly pack a punch of active ingredients to give us that near perfect pout.

Blurred Lines works with Hyaluronic filling spheres to actually blur lip lines on the lips and around the lips, so no lip liners required. These spheres are moisture binders that draw moisture to the lips and actually plump the are around the lips as well, so the fine lines around the lips while wearing are blurred and smoothed out as well. The addition of collagen also helps to produce fuller, more youthful lips as well.

With colour lasting a good five to six hours on your lips, unless you decide to have a pash sesh! They come in nine amazing colours with fabulous names, I have seven of them here.

RRP $28.00
Below are the colour swatches.

So, where do you get these?  Sephora Australia of course.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016


On days like today, miserable, cold and wet, this is the best weather to cosy up with a blanket on the couch, watching TV and munch on super healthy snacks!  Instead of stuffing my face with yummy treats I've decided to change tactics and do some quick beauty treatments. Not only will my bum thank me for it but so will my hands and face!

Here are some of my fave products I use to give myself a quick mani and mini facial.

With so many amazing products on the market there is no need to go out and spend hundreds on facials when you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Everyday I alternate between two Cleansers. Depending on how I feel will depend on the product I reach out to. 

Goodness is a natural cleanser with no nasties and is fragrance free. It is gentle on the skin and has a rich creamy texture. My skin always feels cleansed and soft after use. No dry or pulling.

Ole Henriksen is a foaming milk cleanser. This lightweight milk transforms into a creamy lather while helping preserve skin’s moisture mantel. Leaving it soft, supple and refreshed.  This is my second bottle, I really like this product.

After cleanse I exfoliate to remove dead skin. I do this to allow my skin to breathe and absorb all the nutrients from the products I apply later.

Exfoliator is a granuled powder, a highly concentrated powder exfoliant activated by adding water and safe to use daily.  The enzyme micro-powder creates a creamy foam when mixed with water, gently exfoliating to deliver superior skin resurfacing. 

Philosophy microdelivery exfoliating facial wash is a mild exfoliator with no granules. It is scent and colour free. I actually use this one in the shower as a face wash.

Ole Henriksen walnut complexion scrub is a coarser scrub but does not scratch the skin.  Gently and effectively removing dead skin and impurities giving a glowing complexion.  Skin does tingle after use which is due to the stimulation.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate, is my fave out of the bunch. Its the most intensive exfoliator.  I use this if I do not intend on going out as it does leave your skin looking pink for a few hours.

I always keep a good stack of sheet masks in my beauty cupboard. These usually provide intense moisturise surge for the skin whilst mud and other types of masks I use are mainly for drawing out impurities or refining the surface.

Below are three face and one eye masks I currently have stock of.  All do a similar job and are all pretty good. The only difference is variation on the shape and size of the sheets.

As for the Glam glow for the eyes, I recently purchased this and was super impressed with the results.

Here are more of the traditional masks that I love using.  Once I have my mask on my face, I then move onto my hands.

The same process is applied to the hands, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.

I like to keep my nails fresh and manicured a often as I can even though sometimes it is a challenge with children.

I love using these Conditioning Remover Wipes. If your like me, constantly bumping the acetone bottle spilling the stuff everywhere and damaging furniture in the process, its makes so much sense to use remover wipes instead. They are compact, mess-free and much easier to use. 

They come preloaded with acetone-free polish remover to make short work of getting varnish off your digits. With Vitamin E added to this tub my nails and cuticles are always left feeling hydrated and conditioned.

Filing, buffing, clipping and shaping can sometimes be a challenge and therapeutic at the same time. It is really important to buy quality nail tools as depending on your tools will depend on end results you get.

I currently have three that I alternate between, depending on how I feel and what my hands feel comfortable at the time using.  The two Manicare buffers have a 4-step buffer and shine process and the Revlon tear drop shape has two.  All three give amazing shiny healthy looking nail results.

I always trim my cuticles, My cuticles tend to dry out more than the normal person, not sure why, my cuticles have always been like that, if I don't maintain them I will pick at the them thus making them bleed.  You need to be super careful on how you use the cuticle trimmer, press too hard and you can cut your cuticles and it can be quite painful.  

I like the Sally Hansen cuticle cutter and the Manicare nail clipper.  They are both small and fit ergonomically in my hands.

Cuticle treatment is super important, if your cuticle isn't healthy this will reflect in your nail growth and condition.  I like the OPI cuticle treatment and the Sally Hansen cuticle rehab.  Both provide essential oils and nutrients to maintain healthy cuticles.

The OPI is a squeezable bottle, you only need a drop on each tip.  The Sally Hansen is a tube with brush at the end, you brush the product on your cuticles (and nails if you want).  I massage the treatment in until it is absorbed.

Depending on how I feel or the condition of my nails, I will either paint my nails in a colour or a treatment. Last few months I have been using Orly Nailtrition, it is a nail growth treatment as well as nail strengthener.

Orly Nailtrition relieves severely damaged, weak and slow-growing nails by stimulating the natural, healthy growth process. Nailtrition is infused with strength-promoting collagen, bamboo extract, protein and keratin. Helping strengthen peeling and splitting nails.

You can use it as a base coat under regular nail polish or on it's own. It has a pretty soft pink shimmer finish, making my nails look shiny and healthy.

I love to shop at a lot of different stores for products. We are truly spoilt for choice compared to several years ago. 

How do you spend your rainy days in?

I have provided links below on all the brands and stores as to where these products can be purchased.

Orly, Goodness, Revitanail, exfoliate, Hydraluron, Revlon, Sally Hansen and Manicare are available at Priceline, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies.

Exfolikate and Glam Glow are available at Mecca and Sephora.

OPI is available at David Jones and selected salons.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Factorie have recently entered the beauty market with the launch of its first cosmetics range 'Make up Make out'.

The new collection features a comprehensive contour kit, two eye shadow palettes, chunky lip crayons, super fun macaroon lip balms and a bronze it to give the perfect summer glow. It's range also includes mascara, nail paint, a bronzer brush an eye shadow brush and a range a body mist fragrances from coconut crush to moonstruck nights.

Contour Palette $24.95

There are two eye colour palettes to choose from; below California Days and Vegas Nights.

Eye Shadow Palette $14.95

Factorie wanted to make quality cosmetics super accessible to the younger generation with prices starting at just $4.95 for nail paint and ranging to $24.95 for the contour kit.

Bronzer $19.95

There are six lip colours to choose from, a colour to suit every skin type and perfect for every occasion.

Chunky Lip Crayon $7.95

Black mascara thickens eyelashes giving you that bold look without looking over done.

Mascara $9.95

Factorie have enlisted am Australian beauty blogger Cartia Mallan who has filmed an exclusive step-by-step tutorial using the 'Make Up Make Out' range to create the ultimate daytime festival look. Cartia's video can be seen at the end of this blog.

Two available brushes are Bronzer and Eye Shadow brushes.

Bronzer Brush $14.95, Eye Shadow Brush $7.95

Factorie Make Up Make Out range is now available at all Factorie stores across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.

Here is the YouTube tutorial by Cartia Mallan.

Visit to find out more.