Sunday, 25 October 2015


Budget makeup has come a long way since the days of tacky colours and poor quality products.  With brands investing in affordable quality cosmetics it's no wonder why gals are stocking up on the entire season collection without blinking an eyelid.

The colours have been selected from the latest global trends and offer a mix of fashion to colour classic you can’t live without. With over 100 products in the range covering face, eyes, lips and nails, Colour Theory will have you covered day and night.

Colour Theory is a brand of budget makeup exclusive to Amcal Pharmacies.  The range is easy to shop with just 4 simple price points; $4, $6, $8 & $10. You can afford to be a little bit daring when trying out that new look or even get an extra nail polish when you simply cannot choose which colour!

I love pink. This nail polish has a really nice pink tone. There is no yellow base in it and should suit all skin types. Two coats were fine for my nails plus a top coat to give it a shine. I recommend a top coat as the nail polish does lack shine. Drying time couple of minutes its touch dry.

The eyeshadow palette contains five colours. They are not highly pigmented so colour building is perfect for non-makeup artists like moi. When I work with highly pigmented makeup it is less forgiving when the application is not so great. I used my own brushes to build and blend. This colour palette is called 'See Princess' and I loved it. I love all the different blue hues.

The lipstick was very moisturising and creamy. As you can see in the image below, I have only swiped it on my hand twice and the colour is quite prominent. I like the way it feels on my lips. I must say I was surprised that it stayed for a couple of hours, so impressed.

The mascara was good but not great. It definitely plumps and lengthens. I found the brush too thick especially to get to the little lashes on the inner eye area. I kept getting mascara on my eye lids. I also found it a little dry.

The Blush comes in this really cute compact. It's strong and lightweight. The colour 'Bare Minimum' is really pretty. The colour is exactly that, minimum, it's almost like you have no blush on but just that slight hint of colour. It's natural and quite flattering for all skin types.

The colour is lighter than it looks on the compact.

Overall I'm impressed with the quality and results from these products. My favourites from the lot would be the eye shadow palette and lipstick.

Prices start from $4.00.  Colour Theory is exclusive to Amcal Chemists and online at 

Have you tried Colour Theory?  I would love to know what you think.

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Thursday, 22 October 2015


Photo courtesy of The Body Shop

As a busy mum, I would love to spend an hour at the salon to be pampered and have some 'me' time. But it's not really an hour is it, when you add the time it takes to get to the salon or spa and the time back it's really more like two hours.  Who has two hours to spare when working full-time at work and home?

This is why I love having pamper sessions at home.  My window of opportunity is between 9-11pm every evening. So instead of plonking my bum on the couch and watching TV catch-up I decided to treat myself to a DIY mini spa treatment twice a week.

Whether it be doing my pedi and mani whilst watching TV or doing my own facials or soaking in a bath filled with fluffy bubbles.

If you've read my previous posts on The Body Shop you would know that I am totally in love with their latest body care range Spa of the World™.  

Spa of the World™ offers everything you need in a spa experience – escapism, relaxation, revitalisation, and pure bliss. Turning my bathroom into a ‘spa room’, filled with professional quality products, in fancy packaging, makes self pampering a pure delight, custom designing each treatment exactly the way I like it.

African Ximenia Scrub
Ximenia trees are grown in woodlands and the Savannah.  Rich in oleic acid, Ximenia provides the perfect protection for skin exposed to the drying forces of our environment.  Ximenia enhances and supports the skin’s natural barrier function, leaving it suppler.

The African Ximenia Scrub is a rich thick texture with tiny granules for a gentle yet effective exfoliation. The scent, I can't explain it, it's pure, yet fragrant but ever so lightly, it feels and smells authentic and pure quality. It is definitely a feeling and experience I have never felt on my skin before with an at home products.

I applied this all over my damp skin, with some assistance from hubby to get to the hard to reach places, like my back.  Rubbing in circular motion the scrub blends and creates a white body paste.  I can feel it working wonders relaxing me as I exfoliate my body.

Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay
Rhassoul clay is found in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. It firms skin, tightens as it dries to give instant firmness to skin.

After exfoliation I applied the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay all over for 10 minutes. As I couldn't sit or lay down, I decided to give myself a facial.

The Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay  is also a rich thick texture.  Again, the scent was indescribable, definitely unique but really pleasant.

It is recommended to apply with a brush. This gives an easier application and even coverage.  The feeling is warm and deep on the skin. I felt like I wanted to lay down and close my eyes and drift, unfortunately I had to stand.

After 10 minutes I had a shower and used a soft loofah to remove the clay.  My skin felt soft and supple.  Normally I would moisturise my body after a shower but I didn't need to as my skin was soft. Make sure you shower in cool water, this will maximise the skin tightening effects.

Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath
A subtly fragrant soy milk powder with oat flour and avocado oil. When added to bath water it turns into an indulgent, creamy foam that cleanses, soothes and moisturises the skin. 

The Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath comes in a cotton sack.  The sweet honey smelling fragrance is instant when it hits the water.   

Feeling like Cleopatra while soaking in a tub of a Milk & Honey.  Laying there relaxed and letting it work it's magic on my skin. 

Pour 5 scoops under running water and swirl until dissolved.  Your Milk & Honey bath is now ready!

Japanese Camellia Cream

The oil of the elegant Camellia flower has been used by women since the 8th Century to gently soften and moisturise the skin.  This velvety soft rich moisturiser has a subtle sweet floral scent, melts on your skin as you massage it all over. No greasy or oily residue is left behind. Perfect after a relaxing bath or shower. Skin feels soft and supple. It is truly a luxurious body cream. 

I really can't get over how luxurious these products are.  They are truly one of a kind.  There is no hint of artificial fragrance in any of these products, with tantalising fragrances that will instantly transport your senses to far-away lands.  From purifying and firming clays, sensorial and luxury oils, refining natural scrubs and decadent creams. This is truly an epic collection of spa products I've seen to date.

With so many choices from their extensive Spa of the World Range, you are truly spoilt for choice.

For more information on The Body Shop Spa of the World, head in store to touch, smell and try or go online

Saturday, 3 October 2015


Last month INIKA held press previews in Surry Hills. I have heard of INIKA but I had no idea how extensive their range is. With a large selection of colours, you are literally spoilt for choice.

INIKA is a vegan mineral based makeup brand. All products are certified organic, vegan, halal, and cruelty-free. They use natural ingredients sourced from Australia and around the globe including organic Aloe Vera, Calendula, Shea Butter, Kakadu Plum, Rosehip and Primrose Oil and Green Tea.

All their products come with pretty names like Inspiration, Pink Fetish and Cherry Blossom.

INIKA has expanded its range with a line of vegan lipsticks, all of which were launched on the day. The moisturising lipstick combines avocado and jojoba seed oils for a creamy, flawless application.

The lipstick is available in eight shades: After Dark, Flushed, Orchid Fields, Captivating, Before Sunset, Cherry Blossom, Auburn Ambition, and Naked Kiss.

Pictured below are two of the eight shades available.
Lipsticks RRP $39.00

I chose these two because I know they will compliment any make-up look I create as well as compliment my olive skin tone.

L to R - Flushed, Naked Kiss

Below are some of their amazing colours from their eye shadow range.  The pots are small and cute. The seal was a pain to peel though.  It was so secure it took me a good minute of so to lift it off with some product scattering all over my desk. Maybe a suggestion of the seal to be longer for easier peal.

Eyeshadow pots RRP $25.00

As you can see the colours are so highly pigmented you only need a very small amount for the colour to go a long way, so these pots will last quite a while.

Also in their range, are Mineral blushes, Illuminisor and Bronzers.

Illuminisor & Bronzer RRP $45.00 each

Blush RRP $45.00

Mineral Blush
I love the Mineral Blush in 'Rosy Glow'. With it's handy applicator attached on top of the pot it makes applying dead easy and mess free.  It has a tiny mirror on the top to help you when your out and about.  I think this mirror is more useful for eye and lip make-up I did find it hard to apply blush as it is quite small and you can't see your cheeks.

Mineral Bronzer
The mineral bronzer is perfect to use over your foundation, or simply apply on your fresh-faced skin for an added glow. It comes in four colours Sunlight, Sunkissed, Sunloving and Sunseeker.

Being a naturally olive skin toned gal, I'm not a fan of bronzer's but I really wanted to give this a go. The brush I recommend to use with this bronzer is a kabuki brush, it's smoother and easier to apply giving an even application.

I'm sitting on the fence with this one.  Even though I looked tanned and with a healthy glow, I can tell I was wearing it and I dislike wearing make-up that looks obvious.

Mineral Illuminisor 
The Mineral Illuminisor is an iridescent loose powder that gives your skin a natural glow and sheer luminosity. You can use this product as a highlighter on the cheeks and brow bone or dust over the entire face and d├ęcolletage to enhance your complexion and create an all-over healthy glow. 

Most of INIKA's products have shimmer but surprisingly it doesn't seem so shimmery once applied and blended in which is great because at the end of the day I don't want to look like a walking disco ball!

This is a super-sheer, natural pinky lilac colour, When applied it gives an incredibly clean, finish which immediately brightens the skin tone without looking overpowering.

It can be worn on top of your foundation, bronzer and blush or wear it on it's own for a subtle glow to complete your beautifully natural look.

Mineral Mascara
Finding the right mascara can be tricky. There are so many variants on the market and it has truly become a challenge to find the perfect mascara.  So first impressions can be deceiving, never judge a brush until you've tried it.

When I opened the tube of mascara, my first thoughts were that I  found the brush too thick.  My active imagination was already picturing panda eyes, smudges - a complete mess.

Mascara RRP $39.00

I was hugely surprised how smooth it was to apply and the result were amazing. I only applied it once. The colour is an intense black. It thicken immediately and slightly lengthened my lashes.  To get this effect I usually reapply mascara 3-4 times.

Liquid Foundation
I like foundations that come in a compact or pump. Its clean, hygienic and can be taken anywhere.

Liquid Foundation RRP $65.00

The colour I tried is Honey.  It comes in three colours, Cream, Honey and Tan. Even though there are only three colours, you will be surprised how well they blend with your skin colour.

The product is easy to apply and the skin feels soft and dewy almost immediately, no stickiness like most liquid foundations. The end result is a flawless natural coverage. It's easy to blend and build. I did find however, that towards the end of the day my skin looked shiny, so not sure if its due to the warmer weather or my skin is producing more oil with mineral foundation.

I'm quite fussy with my foundations.  I like the foundation but I don't love it. 
Mineral Foundation
The colour I tried is Strength.   It was a little light for my skin tone.  There are eight different shades, Grace, Strength, Unity, Nuture, Patience, Trust, Freedom, Inspiration.

Powder Foundation RRP $59.95

Powder foundation is an alternative to liquid foundation. It’s super light so perfect for ladies who don’t like to wear much makeup. There isn't much coverage, I still had to use concealer to cover the redness and pigment on my face. Alternatively you can use this as a finishing powder.

Overall I was quite impressed with the quality of Inika cosmetics. The packaging is really nice as well, simple black with gold.  It is quite pricey, but you do get a lot of product for your money. Every single product I tested I used the smallest amount, so these pots will go a long way.

INIKA can be purchased online on their website at

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