Monday, 31 August 2015


I love lip balms especially yummy smelly ones. Some lip balms disappoint and other exceed my expectations.

There's been a lot of comparisons between EVO and REVO lip balms but I'm here to only talk about REVO.

These little balls of fun and so colourful even my son finds them exciting that he has already claimed several. They remind me of kinder surprises!

Revo Lip Balms come in a bauble-like screw top packaging. It comes in a variety of delicious scents that I can't help myself sniffing them.

My favourite scents are watermelon, blue razzberry, and tangerine.

I love the way they feel on my lips.  They glide on easily and leave a fine smooth waxy film.  Feeling moisturised, they feel soft and reapplying isn't needed as often as some other balms .  Unfortunately I need to keep reapplying because I keep licking my lips.  Not only do they smell divine they taste good too!

They retail for $4.99 which is a bargain for a lip balm. To find out more about them visit  Revo’s website and you can buy them via The Beauty Office.

A girly shoutout for Monday Makeup Madness Link Up on Fabulous and Fun Life.

Monday, 24 August 2015


Father's day or Dad's Day is fast approaching and it's getting harder each year knowing what to get for your dad or hubby.

From watches and wallets to shavers and scents, I want to give something different this year.

Below are items I've collected to put together an uber awesome gift pack for my son Josh to give to daddy on Fathers day.


Molton Brown, London’s fragrance experts, are extending their award winning Men’s Grooming Collection to include new skin and hair care products.

These new blends have been inspired by the traditional experience of a British barber shop, in time for Father’s Day. London via The Barber Shop.

I picked the Thickening Shampoo, lets face it, some men need all the help they can get!

From left to right

Ultra-light Bai Ji Hydrator & Extra-rich Bai Ji Hydrator - $62.00 each
Anti-fatigue Bai Ji Eye Gel - $49.00
Daily Shampoo with Black Tea, Anti-dandruff Shampoo with Fennel, Thickening Shampoo with Ginger - $29.00 each


Hubby loves his fragrances, he goes through them like body deodorant.  It can get quite expensive going through a $100-$150 bottle every three months.   The Body shop has released a new range for men White Musk Sport for Men.  It super good value and smells pretty good!

The White Musk Sport Eau De Toilette Pour Homme is a vibrant, zesty scent, With notes of grapefruit and lemon fused with sensual amber. Perfect for the coming warmer months.

The Hair and Body Wash has also a vibrant, zesty scent, with notes of grapefruit and lemon fused with sensual amber. 

I love the scent, I can't wait till hubby starts wearing it.

White Musk Sport Hair & Body Wash RRP $18.95
White Musk Sport Eau de Toilette RRP $32.95


What's better than watching a good movie? Doing it in style of course!

Travel first class at the movies with the laid back luxury of Gold Class. With wall to wall screens, fully reclining arm chairs and food and drinks delivered to your seat throughout the movie, only thing missing is a toilet located metres away.  I always have to go twice when I watch a movie!


This gift is surely to be the winner out of the lot.  Hubby loves watching YouTube videos and play games in bed at night.  No matter how low he puts the volume I can still hear it, which is so annoying.

The new Bose SoundLink on-ear Bluetooth Headphone is a wireless stereo Headset letting you enjoy your music and calls right from your Headphones.  No sound leakage either!

Headphones retails for around $319.00

What are you buying for your dad or hubby this fathers day?

Thursday, 20 August 2015



Are you taking good care of your nails? Are they strong and healthy looking? Or do you see ridges, dents, or areas of unusual colour or shape?

What's normal, what's not

Your fingernails are composed of laminated layers of a protein called keratin. They grow from the area at the base of the nail under your cuticle. As new cells grow, older cells become hard and compacted and are eventually pushed out toward your fingertips.

Healthy fingernails are smooth, without pits or grooves. Sometimes fingernails develop harmless vertical ridges that run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. Vertical ridges tend to become more prominent with age. Fingernails can also develop white lines or spots due to injury, but these eventually grow out with the nail.

Do's and Don'ts

Keep your fingernails dry and clean. This prevents bacteria, fungi and other organisms from growing under your fingernails. 

Trim and file your fingernails regularly. Use a sharp manicure scissors or clippers. Trim your nails straight across, then round the tips in a gentle curve. It might be easiest to trim and file your fingernails when they're soft, such as after bathing.

Use moisturiser. When you use hand lotion, rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles, too.

Abuse your fingernails. To prevent nail damage, don't use your fingernails as tools to pick or poke things.

Bite your fingernails or pick at your cuticles. These habits can damage the nail bed. Even a minor cut alongside your fingernail can allow bacteria or fungi to enter and cause an infection.  Pull off hangnails. You might rip live tissue along with the hangnail. 

Reasons why nails may split

Repeated or prolonged contact with water can contribute to split fingernails. Wear cotton-lined rubber gloves when washing dishes, cleaning or using harsh chemicals, and avoid long soaks in the tub.

Avoid harsh nail care products. Limit manicures. Between visits, touch up nail polish as needed and don't remove it. If you must use nail polish remover, avoid those that contain acetone.

Repair split fingernails quickly. Repair splits or tears with clear polish to keep the problem from getting worse.

Tips to help you on the road to beautiful nails

Learn how to use your tools properly. Filing can be a rather damaging action for your nails and when not done properly it can lead to damaged or flaking nails. I use a glass file. Regardless of the type of file you use, only file in one direction – no sawing actions!

Coconut Oil is a godsend natural product. It cures everything even repairing dry, damaged cuticles. You can also use Vaseline. Rub it on your cuticles once each week. The massaging action and the softening action of the oil will stimulate nail growth and healthy cuticles.

Or if you are like me, I like my nails to look pretty when I treat them. Orly Nailtrition is a nail growth treatment as well as nail strengthener. 

Orly Nailtrition RRP $19.95

Orly Nailtrition relieves severely damaged, weak and slow-growing nails by stimulating the natural, healthy growth process. Nailtrition is infused with strength-promoting collagen, bamboo extract, protein and keratin. Helping strengthen peeling and splitting nails.

You can use it as a base coat under regular nail polish or on it's own. It has a pretty soft pink shimmer finish, making my nails look shiny and healthy.

OLY Professional Nails are available from selected pharmacies and salons nationwide as well as online at

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Launch: The Body Shop Sensorium - Oils of Life and Spa of the World

I recently attended The Body Shop Sensorium, which was held at a private residence in Gordon's Bay, Sydney. As you can see the view was uber spectacular.

The set-out was nothing like I've seen or experienced before. The three level house was transformed into a welcoming sensual place with the Spa of the World, Oils of Life, and Voyage Fragrance Collection ranges to see, feel, smell and stimulate our senses.

The Body Shop has evolved and become exotic and all grown up! With two entire new ranges and a new look being launched, it all looks very exciting.

Once the presentation was over, guests began to explore the multi-room sensorium. The top floor hosted hand massages, with multiple displays along the corridor and rooms.

The range includes an invigorating Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Japanese Camellia Cream, Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil, Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil, Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil, Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay and Hawaiian Kukui Cream. 

All the products contain amazing ingredients that have been sourced ethically from their natural environments in countries including Japan, Hawaii and Morocco.   The products smell and feel amazing.

The second floor provided media and guests with an opportunity to try the products for themselves.

Inspired by at-home indulgence, Spa of the World contains 11 luxurious products divided into three different categories - relaxing, revitalising and blissful.

The Oils of Life range is a line of four skincare products incorporating cold-pressed, antioxidant-rich oils from three different continents.

A seed has everything it needs and contains the nutrition and energy for life. The Body Shop has sourced the finest of natural ingredients and processed them in a superior way to bring us the The Body Shop Oils of Life range.

The Oils of Life Key Ingredients are Rosehip seed oil from Chile, Camellia seed oil from China and Black cumin seed oil from Egypt.

And downstairs had a welcoming sense and relaxing vibe with french doors that opened into the backyard that was overlooking the ocean and of course cocktails awaiting at the bar.

Yes please! Cocktails inspired by the fragrance.

The Body Shop's latest extension of its Voyage Fragrance Collection was also introduced - including the refreshing Italian Summer Fig eau de Toilette.

I honestly wanted to take one of each home!  They all smelt divine.

The event was amazing and I can't wait till these products hit our shores.

I attended this media event

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Spring is literally around the corner.  Evidence is slowly surfacing with pretty colours popping in the pages of magazines, store windows looking brighter and new Spring nail colour collections are being released.

Image taken from dawsonsgardenworld

It's time to get those digits and toes spring ready.  Some of you only need some minor maintenance whilst others need some major hand and feet renos.

Photo taken from

First step to fabulous hands and feet is to exfoliate, to rid of those dead skin cells.  It's a waste of money using products to moisturise when you haven't exfoliated.  Moisturisers cannot penetrate through dead skin so exfoliate away!  Twice a week is perfect.  

Photo taken from

A good hand cream is essential.  To fade any dark spots you may have, anti-ageing hand cream with brightening ingredients, kojic acid, mushroom extract, vitamin C, and licorice.

Always wear gloves when doing the dishes and avoid harsh soap and hot water, your nails and cuticles will thank you for it.

There are dozens of nail treatments on the market.  Some work and some don't.  There is something for everyone. My current product of the moment is Orly Nailtrition.  It relieves severely damaged, weak and slow-growing nails by stimulating the natural, healthy growth process. Nailtrition is infused with strength-promoting collagen, bamboo extract, protein and keratin.  

Nailtrition has a soft perlescent pink tint giving nails a healthy look.

With any hand and nail treatment, they all come with instructions.  One mistake we all do when purchasing beauty products is that we never read the instructions properly, then complain that the product doesn't work.  Instructions are there for a reason, certain products need to be used in a certain way to obtain the maximum results. All products work, but the results are different for everybody.

Once you have given your digits and toes an overhaul, they are ready for some nail polish pretties. Colours that seem to be hot for Spring are Reds, Oranges and Pinks.  I've picked a few of my faves from my nail polish collection.

Love these reds.  None of these polishes are yellow base.  I have olive skin with a yellow tone, I have to be super careful with reds that I pick as my nails can look unhealthy and unflattering.  

I lurve oranges, especially with a tan.  Orange is super hot.  These are my fave picks.

Pink is always on trend especially the coming season. You can go a deep pink or a soft baby pink.

I would love to know your thoughts.  What's your favourite nail colour?  What colour would you never wear?