Saturday, 30 May 2015


It was with great pleasure to accept Beauty Reigns invitation to be a guest reviewer. She knows my passion for anything and everything organic and natural so I was very interested in trying out the new Goodness Range.  And being heavily pregnant I am even more aware of what I put in my body and on my skin.

This product is made with the super food Chia - I have been consuming Chia seeds for quite a few years now mostly in my smoothies and salads – it is packed with health benefits for your brain and body, I hadn’t ever really thought about it for skin care but I was curious! 

Upon first receiving the product range I was struck by the colour of the packaging the soft pastels evoked a sense of calm, I then went to the ingredients list on the box which immediately provided reassurance that this brand is definitely committed to producing a very gentle natural product.

every norning moisturiser RRP $ 16.95 | chia seed oil RRP $19.95

In the evening I began by using the Everyday Cream Cleanser and appreciated the lack of fragrance, which I generally do not like in products. The rich creamy texture felt really lovely to use, I have dry sensitive skin so appreciated how gentle the cleanser felt, my skin still felt refreshed and clean. I then moved onto the chia seed oil followed by the Every Evening Cream. My skin felt gently cleaned and moisturised.

every day cream cleanser RRP $16.95

I woke up the following morning and used the Every Week Face Scrub – this is a really gently face scrub so if you have dry sensitive skin like me this is the perfect scrub. Once again I appreciated the cleansed hydrated feeling from this product. I followed this by using the Chia Seed Oil and the Every Morning Moisturiser.

every evening cream RRP $19.95 | every week face scrub RRP $12.95

After several days of following this routine my skin felt soft and bright, this product feels light and rich to use at the same time the perfect balance – I put this down to its natural ingredients and luxurious texture and that magical seed – Chia.  I have now been using this range for almost 3 weeks and have only seen my skin improving.

I would recommend this product if organic natural ingredients are important aspect of your skin care routine.

Natural Shell

Goodness Natural Beauty Lab products are available in select Woolworths, Priceline, My Chemist, and Chemist Warehouse stores.  For more information about Goodness visit their website

Friday, 29 May 2015


It has been a while since I went on a beauty shopping spree.  I've been very good this year only buying what I actually need here and there.  But I really miss the excitement and thrill I get when I come across a new brand/product or discover a brand that I have never used before.

In the last couple of months I have had several mini hauls from Mecca Cosmetica and Sephora.  Once again I got that adrenalin excitement when I have the product in my hand and walk it over to the registers. Oh and not to forget several other miscellaneous purchases from eBay and Hairhouse Warehouse visit. 

Whenever I buy something new I display it on my dresser for about a week or so and then when it's not so new I remove the packaging, look at it and start using it.  I don't do it with all products, there are some that I need and want to try and buy and use immediately.

I've heard of Frederic Malle parfums but never tested, tried or purchased.  I thought it was time to sit down and test all of Mecca's fragrances and see what's on offer.

After half and hour of fragrance sniffing, I chose a travel set of three called 'En Passant', meaning 'in passing'. Composed by Olivia Giacobetti.  En Passant is an impressionistic fragrance. A creation that captures the beauty of this scent with a few orange leaves, cucumber and wheat shyly accompanying this sublimated impressionist smell of nature. A radiant and serene perfume.  I've never smelt anything like it and would instantly say it's my favourite of the moment.

These mini refill packs are new to the Mecca fragrance range.  Three mini sprays at 10ml each, at $124.

$124.00 at Mecca Cosmetica

Tocca eau de Parfum was inspired by the Mediterranean seductress Cleopatra,  captivating the senses. A fresh fragrance with top notes of Grapefruit, Lush Greens and Cassis Bud.  On my skin the scent slightly changes after a few minutes with Jasmine and peachy tone coming through as well as a hint of vanilla.

Perfect for travelling, or for the handbag, this gorgeous bottle is so vintage looking, I love it and seriously thinking of buying a few more but different fragrances.

The purse size spray is a 30ml and costed me $35. 

$35.00 at Mecca Cosmetica

When my cousin Beatrice, from France came to stay, she had Collistar products in her toiletry bag. 

Being the curious George I am, I excitedly and asked her about it.  Collistar has been in Italy's number one brand for over 12 years.  She was using several body care products that she swears by works.  I was instantly intrigued and googled the brand.  First thing I realised, why isn't it in Australia?  There are no distributors or online stores that ship to Australia except on eBay.  Strangely enough the seller was in Australia.  

I have just recently starting using it and will let you know of the results.  So far I have been forgetting to use it religiously each night so I have to be more consistent to be able to see results.

$110 on eBay

Collistar products aren't cheap, this one set me back $110 on eBay. It is an intensive abdomen and hip treatment with plant stem cells to aid in reducing fat and cellulite in the area.  My cousin swears by it and says it works along with their other products and worth the money. 

Since I was on a roll at Mecca Cosmetica, I drifted over to the Chanel counter to peruse their lippies. It has been a while since I bought a lippy so I purchased a lipstick from the Rouge Coco range.  It's a colour I don't have in my lippy collection so I wanted to try something different, perfect for winter. 

Reason for choosing Misia, Chanel's latest fragrance release is called Misia and thought it was fitting piece to add to my ever growing collection.  It's colour is described as orange copper, a medium orange colour with warm undertones and a soft, frosted finish. It has a semi-opaque colour coverage and you can have a more intense look the more you apply.

This one set me back $50.00.

$50 at Chanel Counter

Several weeks back I met a hairdresser from QLD at a function and he told me about this product he his clients swear by called Color Wow Root Cover Up.  I currently have two different products that I use to cover up my regrowth in between salon visits and was super intrigued with this one so I went online and researched it, found a stockist, called them and got them to hold it for me. I purchased this at Hairhouse Warehouse for $49.95.

I haven't tried it yet as I have just had my hair coloured but will report back on what I think. 

$49.95 at Hairhouse Warehouse

Well, this was my favourite purchase.  I eagerly waited until it was available at Sephora and then I was in the day it was released just in case they sold out.  I previously had my nails done in this colour a while back at a launch and the colour was simply stunning.  I'm not much of a fan of light nail colour but the hues were beautiful complementing my hands and nails.  A colour well-thought by Victoria Beckham ensuring that it will be suitable for all.  

I also was super impressed by the quality and durability of this product.  After 6 days of having my nails done, I did not have one single chip or scratch on my nails. this is truly impressive as I haven't achieved that durability with any other brand except for gels.

At $35, I really think its worth every cent.

$35.00 at Sephora

This is a necessity of mine. Recently running out of make-up remover, I wanted to try something different. So popped into Priceline and browsed the La Roche-posay range.  already familiar with their range as I use it on my son.  Their make-up remover, removes make-up safely, effectively and without rubbing for people with sensitive eyes. Fragrance-free and preservative-free, packaged in sterile single doses, these are also perfect for your handbag and travel.

There are 30 5ml vials.  Purchased for $29.99 at Priceline.

$29.99 at Priceline

Recently I walked in to Chemist Warehouse for a prescription and whilst I was waiting I browsed through the isles, oh how much I missed doing this.  I got a basket and started filling it up.  When I realised my arm was about to drop off I realised I had stocked full my basket without realising it.  So I went around and returned most of them and only kept these three products.

$7.99 ea at Chemist Warehouse

$9.99 at Chemist Warehouse

I use Milky Foot regularly as they have provided exceptional results every single time.  I have never seen this brand before nor have I heard of it.  Just pure curiosity I purchased all three and will be trying them out and see how good they are.  I will be doing a review on the Foot Peel in the near future.  I'm curious as to how effective they are considering the price is 3 times cheaper than their competitor. 

I would really like to know what your latest beauty haul was and what your favourite item is out of the lot.


These days our lives are far more hectic than they were a decade ago. On call 24 hours a day with technology never leaving our hands, we seem to have less time for ourselves than ever before.

We are on-the-go for the best part of each day – driving, walking, or seated on the train, plane, bus or boat – it can be tough. What’s more, time is of the absolute essence when it comes to primping and preening our digits – so why not take your manicure and pedicure essentials along for the ride?

I'm a confessed public transport primper. I have my whole manicure set in my handbag, I file, trim, and treat my hands and nails. Certainly onlookers have found this strange and I do get the odd stare but I reckon its because they never thought of doing it!

So here are some Revitanail products that could help you maintain healthy looking nails whilst your on the go.

Whether it’s a quick dry polish solution, or a go-to strengthening treatment, keep your nails looking perfect while on the run with these handbag must-haves.

Revitanail Instant Dry Drops – The dry master (RRP $14.95)
No matter how perfect your polish skills, not allowing for enough dry-time before running out the door is a recipe for disaster. For the time-poor nailista, mark an end to wet smudges with Revitanail Instant Dry Drops. To use, simply let your topcoat dry for 60 seconds and apply one to two drops per nail to set your tips and be ready to rock and roll in seconds.

Revitanail Precision Corrector – The #fail fixer (RRP $12.95)
For the nail rebel within, Revitanail Precision Corrector will clean up the mess when you colour outside the lines. Its chisel tip precisely removes polish mishaps for a professional salon finish, while soothing jojoba moisturises dry skin and cuticles. From your bedroom to the boardroom, this instant fix-up stick can be used anytime, anywhere to leave flawless results.

Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes – The on- the-go removal go-to (RRP $5.95)
Never be caught out with chipped tips with Revtanail Conditioning Remover Wipes. Taking the bottle out of the equation, these handy on-the-go wipes come preloaded with acetone-free polish remover to make short work of getting varnish- free. The addition of Vitamin E to this miracle tub also ensures that your nails and cuticles are always left feeling hydrated and conditioned.

Revitanail Keratin Strengthening Serum – The handbag strengthener (RRP $19.95)
No time for nail treatments, think again. In a handy pump-action bottle, Revitanail Keratin Strengthening Serum lets you work repairing magic on-the-go. A water-based formula, it is enriched with clinically proven ProSina keratin peptide, which works to strengthen, protect and impart nails with a dose of much needed hydration. With an added combination of shea butter, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E – this powerful serum can be applied as often as needed, either directly onto polished or clean nails, to offer an instant boost of TLC.

Revitanail products are available at Priceline, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies.

For stockist details please contact 1800 651 146.


My last catchup with the girls, I brought up a discussion about fake tanning.  With a girlfriend who has a spraying tanning business and being the only one who hasn't tried tanning products, I felt a bit embarrassed since I'm always the one that they come to on advice on new products and tips.

It's a subject I never thought of delving into because I have olive skin and didn't think I needed it. So out I dug old photos and did notice that I looked paler than everyone else on the arms and legs.  A tan gives a healthy glow to the skin as well as looking younger and fresher.

So this is all new to me.  One brand that seems to be making waves is FAKE BAKE.

From Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole to Emma Watson, they have been faux tanning for years.

Bursting into the beauty scene in 1995, Fake Bake took the tan world by storm. Spanning multiple award-wins, including topping the New York Time’s best self-tanning list, this bronzing go-to boasts a cult following of A-list celebrities and beauty experts alike.

Fake Bake was the first self-tan line to combine the naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose to offer next-generation results that incorporated improved natural colour development, greater colour intensity, increased evenness of coverage, reduced streaking and longer lasting tan results with a slower fade rate.

Working with each skin’s natural pigment, the unique Fake Bake formulations combine advanced botanical ingredients with the add-on of efficacious skin care enhancers like anti-ageing, anti-cellulite  and anti-oxidants to deliver much more than just a sun-kissed faux-glow.

The ultimate faux tan with extra, Fake Bake formulations additionally are free from parabens, artificial preservatives and are non-comedogetic, to not clog pores. Further, a wash-off cosmetic colour guide makes for a flawlessly even application every time.

The Fake Bake Range is one of the only self-tan brands to offer a ‘prescriptive’ style product line that can be customised to perfectly suit the unique needs of individual skin types, tones, desired results and lifestyles. From mousse and liquid formulas, to a 60-minute and overnight development time, the diverse Fake Bake line offers truly specialised tan solutions for every need.

If you want to know how to apply, Fake Bake have a Youtube channel with lots of tutorials, you can check it out here

Fake Bake products are available through Priceline, select salons nationally or online at 

For full stockists details please call 1300 787 587 For further information

You can follow Fake Bake on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

*PLEASE NOTE: Celebrity images used are for demonstrational purposes only and are not the property of Fake Bake


DARE to be different! I've been waiting for something like to hit the market for a while.  I've had my hair blue in the past and wanted to colour it again but didn't want to go to the salon for 3 hours and get my hair peroxided and coloured.  

There's a new hair colouring brand in town and you will be tickled pink to know what you can now do at home!  And all without breaking the budget.

Many celebrities are jumping on the colour trend just like Kayley Cuoco.  So lets brighten up winter with the coolest hair trends for the season.

DARE temporary hair colours provide fast, fun, fashion-forward colours designed for the young at heart.  DARE colours work best on fair and pre-lightened hair. Brunettes need not despair because deeper shades create a haloed gloss of colour across mid to light brown shades. 

DARE acts as a ‘stain’ on the hair-shaft, it is a non-permanent dye that can safely be painted onto either pre-lightened or natural hair colour in just a few simple steps. Best of all DARE in your hair makes the world a more magical place.

With fun names, what's not to love about this latest release in hair creations.  I can't wait to try No 5 & 13.

No. 1 Forget Me Not - An on-trend pastel, Forget Me Not develops as a light violet tone, the perfect subtle shade for those who afraid of commitment. A soft pastel shade Forget Me Not is suitable only  for very blonde hair.

No. 2 Flamingo Feather - A pretty soft pink pastel pigment, Flamingo Feather is a playful shade that looks great all over or perfect for experimentation with dip-dye ends. Flamingo Feather works best on very blonde hair and last only a couple of washes. It’s so great it also acts as a toner for green hair.

No. 3 Blue Moon – The third of our soft pastel shades, Blue Moon creates a sophisticated powder blue tone on very blonde hair.

No. 4 Forbidden Grape – A vibrant option when applied to blonde hair, Forbidden Grape lasts longer (up to 30washes) than pastel DARE shades. Forbidden Grape fades down through washing to a minty blue which can be toned if unwanted using DARE No.2 or DARE No. 5

No. 5 Neon Sherbet – Perfect for light blonde to medium brown hair, Neon Sherbet can last up to 30 washes, fading to a dusty pink through washing. To neutralise unwanted pink after time use small dash of DARE No.3 or DARE No.1 or an in-salon semi-ash toner.

No. 6 Peacock Parade – A rich dark blue hue, Peacock Parade lasts up to 30 washes when used on blonde hair. Peacock Parade creates a beautiful blue halo on mid browns. Fade down of Peacock Parade can be neutralised through No.2 or No. 5 pink shades.

No. 7 Cherry On Top –Cherry on Top develops to a bright, brilliant cherry red shade on blonde hair and a deeper red gloss on brunettes. Lasting up to 30 washes on blondes it will fade to a reddish pink.

No. 8 Raspberry Sorbet – A perfect choice for blondes and brunettes, Raspberry Sorbet holds its colour for up to 30 washes and fades into a dusty pink on blonde locks. Raspberry Sorbet will give mid browns a gloss of pink.

No. 9 Devils Delight – A real statement colour, Devils Delight lasts up to 30 washes on brunette and blonde hair and fades to a pretty reddish pink in the process.

No.11 Dolphin Dreams – A tropical aqua, Dolphin Dreams lasts up to 30 washes on blonde and light brown hair. It fades to a minty shade on blondes and fair hair.

No.13 Mermaid Music – A cool, ocean blue, Mermaid Music lasts up to 30 washes on blonde and mid brown hair, fading to a minty blue on fair hair.

DARE to Mix is a ‘pasteliser’ for any DARE Temporary Hair Colour. Mix it with your chosen DARE to dilute and create a more subtle shade on pre-lightened hair.

This rad range of temporary hair colour will be available exclusively at all Hairhouse Warehouse stores and online. The RRP is only $19.95, including Dare to Mix Pasteliser.

Don’t forget to follow DARE Hair and DARE Nails on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


A while back I attended a Sephora Exclusive Brands Showcase and I was inundated with information about all the new brands that are exclusively coming to Sephora Australia.

One of the brands that stood out for me was the Kat Von D range.  Already seen her TV shows and aware of her love for tattoos, her range reflects exactly who she is and her passion.

Liquid liners have always been a challenge for me and I'm not sure why.  I always start off good and then it turns into a disaster looking like I've done my make-up completed intoxicated who committed eye murder. 

So I was up for the challenge to attempt it again. With this range its like temporary tattoo.  Once applied it stays all day and all night until you remove it.  Its waterproof and smudge proof. You can probably even go swimming and come out of the sea still looking like a goddess!

The two I have picked are blues.  I love blue on my eyes, I think it softer than black and complements olive skin.  Currently I am still practising on how to apply the liner, once I have managed it I will be posting up pics.

Colour: Nietzsche RRP $28

This felt tip liner features a 24-hour waterproof formula that instantly creates bold lines with stunning colour saturation.  It glides easily on the skin giving you more precision when applying, which is perfect for me.  There is no need to reapply, it one glide you get a solid block of colour leaving very little room for error.

My other favourite blue from the collection.

Colour: Baudelaire RRP $28

To remove the liner, you will need to use a waterproof product remover, I found this a little hard to come off using a normal basic make-up remover and with a waterproof make-up remover it simply glided off.

There are from 9 shades to choose from - Neruda (white), Woolf (grey), Hemingway (espresso), Baudelaire (navy), Nerdrum (sea blue), Dali (teal), Bosch (olive), Bukowski (dark green) and Nietzsche (periwinkle).

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Exfoliating your skin regularly is the most important step in a beauty regime. Without removing dead skin your skincare cannot penetrate the layers making every application a waste of product and money. With regular exfoliation your skin will reap the benefits from your skincare. 

The Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant from Ella Bache, is a great one for all skin types. With ingredients like Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes combined with Salicylic Acid, it breaks down dead skin cell build up on the surface of the skin promoting cell renewal and revealing a brighter more radiant complexion. With rice bran, oat bran and licorice extract clarifying your complexion and instantly unveil a refined, softer and brighter skin. Best of all it's fragrance and oil free. It's like a microdermabrasion without stressing the skin. 

The exfoliant comes in powder form.  It is activated by combining with water in the palm of the hand. Mix until it turns into a smooth paste, then apply and massage over face, neck and décolleté. Leave on for two minutes for sensitive skin, five minutes for normal skin. Re-moisten if necessary. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid eye area and lips.

Remember that skin becomes sensitive to UV rays when using enzyme and salicylic based products, always apply sunscreen after use.

Ella Bache’s Exfoliating Fruit Enzyme 75g RRP $64 and is available at Ella Bache salons and David Jones stores nationwide.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

EVENT: Charles Worthington relaunches Salon At Home

Who: SHAPR for Charles Worthington London
When: Tuesday 12 May, 2015
Where: The Langham Hotel, Millers Point

Last week I attended the Charles Worthington Salon At Home launch which was held at the fancy posh Langham Hotel, situated in the old part of Sydney.

Very excited to find out what was in store for this brand, as I used to be an avid fan and user back in the day before they disappeared from the shelves.  Those little travel size shampoo & conditioners were permanent staples in my swim bag.

From scent to packaging and formulations, the range has been entirely revamped.  There are 42 products across seven categories, catering for different haircare needs. The categories are Volume & Bounce, Strength & Repair, Moisture Seal, Shine Booster, Style Setter, Sunshine Protector and Instant Root Concealer.

During the evening, Worthington demonstrated a handful of the products on three models, crafting distinctly different looks for each.

Using Long Lasting Max Hold Hairspray

Using Brush Out Strong Hold Hairspray

Using Root Concealer

Charles also introduced the most anticipated product, Instant Root Concealer - an easy way to conceal roots while keeping the hair flexible and moving. With one sold every minute in the UK, you had me at grey coverage! 

At the end of the evening I was given a bag of goodies to take away and try.

So, out of eight of the products, I tested five.

Instant Root Concealer (Brown)
I tried this the night I got it. My hair grows crazy fast, within two weeks of having my roots done, bam the greys pop out and say Hello! I have an array of products in my bathroom to help me in between hairdresser appointments. The Instant Root Concealer would have to be by far the easiest and fastest method with exceptional results.

This product is designed to get you through those two weeks before your next colour appointment, or if you are going to a party and you are feeling self conscious about your roots. The product seems to be like no other on the market, it's niche and unique and seems to really live up to it's expectations.

For tricky bits like the hairline around your face, I advise not to spray directly to your hair unless you are doing the roots on top of your head.  I used a disposable mascara wand and sprayed the root concealer on it and then brushed it in, I found this method to be accurate with no mess.  You can target small areas of grey this way.

Also, not suitable for men who have little or no hair.  I thought it would be hilarious to spray hubby's head, he recently shaved his head a No 1.  He has at least 50% grey.  The result? Donald Trump effect, I almost pee'd myself laughing which turned into a coughing attack. Unfortunately no photos, I had to promise, no humiliation.

Root Concealer comes in four shades light blonde, dark blonde, brown and dark brown.

Dry Shampoo
I'm a mega fan of dry shampoos and a fussy one at that. There are never enough hours in a day when you work full-time as well as looking after a family, which is why I love dry shampoos.

I really liked using this one. Perfect for oily roots (that's me) and it doesn't leave any white residue like many do. The condition of my hair fairs pretty well by the end of the day without it feeling or looking sticky and dirty.

Brush Out Strong Hold Hairspray
Ooh I really like this. Not only is the scent divine but it works really well. I have flyaway hair and I always use hairspray as the finishing product to have better control on my do. It brushes out easily whilst controlling my fly-aways and stubborn bits. I can run my fingers through my hair and it feels soft without any stiffness.

Long Lasting Max Hold Hairspray
I used this one when I tied my hair up in a ponytail and spray underneath, giving a tidy clean look. With only a few shorter hairs falling down, my hair stayed neat a whole day at work without any frizzies rebelling out.

Intense Rescue Melting Balm
This hair mask is designed to intensively rescue dry, damaged hair. With a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and lots of other good stuff, it's surprising that the balm isn't greasy.

Applying on dry hair before shampooing and conditioning, I scooped a teaspoon amount with my fingers, rubbing between my palms until it transforms to oil, I worked it through my hair lengths and ends, avoiding my roots. Make sure all areas are covered. 

After 20 minutes I shampooed and conditioned my hair. After shampooing my hair already felt super soft. After blow drying and style, my hair was soft, almost frizz free and very manageable and continued until I washed my hair 4 days later. The balm didn't weigh down my hair or flattened it. It felt healthy and moisturised which is great as my ends tend to get drier throughout the colder months due to indoor heating.

It is recommended to use the balm twice a week for deep nourishment, mending split and dry ends.

Charles Worthington the brand has relaunched in Australia and is now available exclusively at Priceline.  For more information about their extensive range visit either website for Priceline or Charles Worthington.

Saturday, 16 May 2015


WHAT: L'Occitane en Provence
WHEN: Monday 11 April 2015
WHERE: S.H. Ervin Gallery, Millers Point

Media & bloggers were invited to preview the latest from L’OCCITANE en Provence skincare innovations.

The location was tranquil and stunning. Inside the gallery was even more surprisingly beautiful. I would have to say it was the prettiest media display I've seen.

Before we took our seats to hear all about the latest skincare innovations, we were free to play and wonder through an array of amazing products from Immortelle, Shea Butter and Pivoine ranges.

As we settled in our seats, guest speaker LeRoch announced that L’Occitane has a new ambassador - TV and radio personality Sami Lukis.

A fan of Immortelle Divine, Sami was keen to share her love of L'Occitane with us.  Sami took us through how she became acquainted with the range when she was sourcing product samples for gift bags as a promotional offer for her travel company. As a lover of the Shea Hand Cream, she approached L’Occitane for some product samples to offer her travel clients.  Not only had they agreed to provide her with product samples, L'Occitane also sent her a pot of Immortelle Divine cream as well for her to try and Sami fell in love with it immediately.

Other exciting news is finding out about the newly-opened L’Occitane Spa in Subiaco, Western Australia. I am hoping they will open a spa in Sydney one day!

Lucy Primrose, international project leader and skincare innovator at L’Occitane, talked us through the latest innovations, starting with what's new in the Immortelle range.

The following products are the latest edition to the Immortelle range - the BB Cream, Oil Make-Up Remover and Precious Mist.

The Shea Butter skincare range has been relaunched with new packaging for unisex appeal. Shea Butter is now also available in a light version with 5% shea butter, offering an alternative to the existing Ultra Rich Comforting Cream with 25% shea butter.

The delicate Pivoine Flora range has been expanded with Pivoine Sublime Skin Perfecting range, with the beautiful scent of peonies.

The new Pivoine range includes, the Skin Perfecting Serum, Skin Perfecting Mist and CC Cream.

A short but very sweet preview.  I've taken some goodies home and will be reviewing shortly and posting them up.