Monday, 30 March 2015


We finally arrived in New York, exhausted and frustrated.  Probably one of the worst flights I've taken in my life, never again American Airlines!

Felt so good plonking ourselves in our awaiting car.  Our driver taking the scenic route through New York city which looked amazing at 11pm at night and relaxing.

We finally arrived at our hotel and unpacked.

Our hotel was awesome
Down the road was a hip cafe that served good coffee and brekkie treats.  It was the perfect way to start our day of sight-seeing.

Bumped into Mario (I think!)

Friendly copper happy to stop for a photo

Josh went nuts over the different type of Police vehicles

Loved the street signs

Where else?  Schwarz Toy Store of course!

Inside Toys R Us

A sea of yellow taxis

Stopped for a bite to eat at the biggest Italian cafe/restaurant/pizzeria/cafe ever.  It is called Eataly, nice yummy authentic Italian dishes.

The building architecture was also spectacular.  The art deco style designs, the grandeur of things. NY certainly is beautiful because of it's style.  Each building is different but they all complement each other.

 I really love the external fire escapes.  Some of them are just beautiful, impractical but beautiful.

The largest housing estate I have ever seen!

Gorgeous day, we took a horse ride around Central Park, then walked the rest of the way.  Lots of buskers providing entertainment which my son loved, roller skaters, singers and colourful characters!

Pit stop at a local concrete park.  All work and no play is not on for Master Josh.

Stopped in for a macaron.  Happy to report just as good as the ones back home.

Our first diner experience, lucky to get this shot before their lunchtime rush hour!

Another police vehicle my son loved!

View of the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

I love how New Yorker's utilise space.  This community garden/park was on the corner of a block of units.   Decked out with tables and chairs and growing lots of lovely fruit as well as a vege patch.

Redbrick houses.

Waiting eagerly to try his first hot dog from a street cart.

Visiting Ground Zero. What an amazing place.  With the way they restored the area and created the memorial, it is truly done with class and dignity.

Radio City,  this is where parts of Annie was recorded.  I have always wanted to see Radio City, its been in numerous old movies that I have watched.  It didn't disappoint.

Making our way to watch the sunset over NYC,

Top of the Rock view of Central Park

Top of the Rock view of Manhattan

Grand Central Station

Chrysler Building

Now that's what I'm talking about.  I hadn't experienced any emergency excitement or something different, New York was fast paced but mellowed at the same time.  So what I see in movies I finally got to see in NY!  A pimped up car!

Nightlife in NY is 24 hours.

Best cheesecake ever
Made our way to the meatpacking district. Very fancy!

Chelsea Market was fabulous.  An old industrial building turned into endless amount of shops and offices. The transformation was incredible.  Very artistic.

Believe it or not, I had my very first bestest coffee in this place.  Made by an Italian holidaying here from Italy!

Amazing creative display from a green grocer inside Chelsea market.  It was endless, the fruit & vege displays were everywhere.

Would of loved to be able to hire a bike, but they don't seem to cater for kids much in NY.  It would of been a great way to travel around NYC.

The high line.  2 hours to walk but it was worth it.

Artworks were presented along the walking path

Cafe & ice cream carts were available along the high line walk.

Love the artwork

Carpark. This is really making the best of limited space!

We took a ferry to Liberty Island.  She is truly stunning.

M&M World

Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge

Night shot at Times Square

Believe it or not we only spotted the naked Cowboy on the 2nd last day in NYC, I thought I would of left NY without see him.

Relaxing in Bryant Park and hanging with the locals

It wouldn't be complete without a spot of shopping!


One of our last places to visit was Intrepid Sea-Air Museum, Full of history, air crafts, shuttles and submarines.  It is a dynamic, interactive and educational journey for all ages. The museum’s mission is to honour their heroes.

Steering in a submarine
Times Square at around 10pm at night.

Two weeks was a long time with a child in New York, there were many things we would of liked to do, but were restricted.  I would love to return back to New York again someday.

We are looking forward to arriving in England, different landscape, people and attitude.  New York was so fast paced and loud which was exhausting.

Best of all, looking forward to catching up with some dear friends.