Sunday, 13 December 2015



Many years of defying body bronzing I have finally become fond of having tanned limbs especially after seeing myself in a photo with fake tanning.  I looked healthy and my skin amazing.  I'm not sure if its just me but I thought I also looked slimmer.

Summer is all about being bronzed up and looking sexy,  My fear of fake tanning started years ago when I constantly saw girls who were all bronzed up and then wham, the back of their legs and all the way down to their ankles were streaky.  Girlfriends in tow not saying a word. Bitches!

Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel combines caramel from non- GMO cane sugar, for instant colour, with a certified natural, high performance self-tanning ingredient that works with your skin to develop a safe, gorgeous, natural-looking tan. This luxurious gel contains aloe vera to soothe and hydrate and antioxidant-rich vitamin E to help fight free radical damage.

I applied this product with my hands.  I was a bit hesitant as the last thing I needed was the evidence staining my hands!  I was surprised to find that I was able to wash it off without it staining so that was a big plus.  I would attempt it again with a mitt though.

I really like this product as you can actually see where it goes as it's applied. The colour is an intense gold colour gel which develops into a golden colour tan. Application is super easy and spreads really well. Within five minutes my legs were dry enough to put my clothes on.  There were no streaks or patches.

When you first squeeze the gel onto your hands you would instantly think that you will over shimmer, but as you apply the shimmer becomes quite subtle which I love. I'm not a fan of fake tanning that screams FAKE. This has a more natural look to it. The fragrant is really nice, it hasn't got that typical coconut scent.  I can't quite put my finger on the scent but the only thing I can compare it to is Marsala, an Italian port wine, mmm delish!

Here are some tips to get that all over perfect glow
  1. Start by exfoliating your skin everywhere you want to tan, paying special attention to areas that can be dry or rough (elbows, knees and ankles especially).
  2. Use a light moisturiser all over and allow time for it to fully absorb.
  3. Apply Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel with smooth sweeping strokes, blending evenly over the areas you wish to tan for an instant golden glow, which will deepen into a rich bronze tan over a few hours. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Wash hands straight away to avoid staining.
  5. If you like a deeper colour, apply daily until desired tan is achieved and maintain by applying 2-3 times a week.

Price for the Instant Bronzing Gel is value for money at $18.95.

Trilogy products are available from selected Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Myer, pharmacy and health stores.   For further stockist information, call (03) 9533 1336 or visit

This product was provided for my consideration

Thursday, 10 December 2015


When it comes to body sprays or eau de toilette, which one are you?  Floral, citrus, woody kind of gal? I've picked two of my faves.

Eau de toilette
So...? Superstar contains a wondrous mix of passionfruit and oranges, perfect for summer!

With top notes of  passionfruit and oranges, and middle notes of freesia and lily of the valley which blends deliciously with a smooth base of cedarwood, almond and musk.

The fragrance is more concentrated than the body spray, use once in the morning and the fragrance is longer lasting. When using the two together it enhances the fragrance as well prolongs the scent on the body.

Generally, I change my fragrances per season. So...? has an extensive range of fragrances and body sprays to suit each season.

What is even great is that I have used these two together and they complement each other. I use the fragrance in the morning and have the body spray in my handbag for freshening up in the afternoon. The scents do not clash or overpower each other.

Body Spray
So...? Sinful contains a sweet sumptuous mix of scents with top notes of mint and pineapple, middle notes of violet and strawberry and base notes of vanilla, praline and musk.

I know, you may think it is an over sickly sweet smell but surprisingly not! The fragrance is sweet but not over the top, I actually quite like it. Each fragrant blends in nicely into each other giving it an overall sweet but subtle smell. 

The body spray is a lighter fragrance, where topping up whenever you want throughout the day to freshen up or as I sometimes use it for, refreshing stinky train carriages. the scent doesn't last all day which is why you can never overdose yourself with the body spray.

What's great is that they are inexpensive and perfect for every budget. So..? products are sold at Priceline and Big W Australia wide. Prices starts at $4.95.

To find a stockists go to their website at

Sunday, 6 December 2015


Whilst living in the UK oh so many light years ago, my fave beauty haunt was Boots. Its the UK version of our Priceline.

Boots branched out and did something different by launching their own anti-ageing skin care product line called 'Serum Lift 7' back in 2007.

Claiming to deliver results similar to prescription only skin care products, by using a powerfully synergistic blend of active ingredients, Boots backed its claim with an independently conducted, dermatological studies, which produced real data proving the product as effective in reversing the visible signs of ageing. This was pretty impressive to me, as I am so used to seeing fluffy anecdotal surveys posing as “studies” in the promotion of drug store skin care lines.

Independent tests were conducted by Professor Griffiths - a world-renowned dermatologist, confirmed that the formula had equivalent benefits to those of retinoic acid, which is one of the only skin care ingredients which has been scientifically proven to reverse and prevent signs of skin ageing. In their tests, carried out over six months, women's skin showed real improvements, and wrinkles were, in some cases, visibly reduced. Learning this had me pretty excited to trial these products.

On receiving the products my first impression was that packaging has a cheap looking  “drug store” appearance, although each product has an informative insert included, the inserts do not explain the products’ active ingredients or how they work. I had to do my own research, as I usually want to know what my skin care products contain (I don’t always recognise the chemical names of certain actives in the ingredient list) and I usually appreciate a bit of an explanation as to how they work. In my research I learnt that - true to its claims - serum lift 7 products do certainly contain a plethora of active ingredients. Among the active ingredients are ginseng, mulberry and vitamin C, all great antioxidant ingredients for treatment and prevention of sun damage, plus the peptide blend, which works alongside these other ingredients to help improve collagen production.

I don’t know exactly what a peptide is, but I do know it is one of those skin care ingredients that you usually only find in a more expensive product. Peptides are well known to be effective in helping the skin to produce and maintain collagen, which is supremely important in keeping skin firm and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Boots claims is serum lift 7 formula is rich in peptides. Among the included peptides is matrixyl 3000 - a famous peptide blend lauded for its superior performance in skin collagen building and repair.

This product had real, independent scientific data to back up its claims to being an effective anti ageing treatment, and it contains more than a few trusted and effective active ingredients. So far, I was impressed by what I learnt about the serum lift 7 line, but what did my own two weeks long trial of the product reveal regarding its actual effectiveness?

Anti wrinkle eye cream

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
I was immediately impressed with this one. Never before have I used an eye cream that absorbed as well or as quickly as this one, and it is by no means a gel, it is a cream. The effectiveness of how your skin absorbs a product, makes a HUGE impact on how effective it will be, as the product actually has to penetrate the skin in order to work.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
This cream seemed to moisturise my eye area better than other creams I’ve used, and it has made me wonder why I have put up with eye creams that just sit on top of the skin for so long! My fine under eye lines did improve noticeably after seven days of use, and this had me excited to see what further use of this product could do for me.

Deep Wrinkle Repair Serum

Deep Wrinkle Repair Serum
I applied the serum to my whole face morning and evening, after cleansing and toning. A little goes a long way! The serum definitely imparts a slight, but noticeable fresh glow to the skin. I felt my skin stimulated (in a good way) using this one, and I enjoyed it.

Firming Day cream

Firming Day cream
The cream itself contain SPF 15, which I appreciate. I really liked the texture of this cream, it looks a lot like clay and it feels just the right thickness. It’s very moisturising, without feeling too heavy on my skin. It worked well under make up. It does not have a strong scent, just enough to be pleasant. Besides from the effective moisturising, I did not notice the firming action of this cream. Perhaps this is something that occurs in long term use (the dermatological studies were conducted over a six month period). I would imagine that a product that works by building and repairing collagen would take a little time to show results.

Rejuvenating Night cream

Rejuvenating Night cream
The night cream has the same clay like appearance which I really like and is a little thicker than the day cream, which is to be expected. Both the day and night cream absorbed well, and it seems you don’t need to use much product, as a little goes a long way. My skin felt very well hydrated and very soft, and I seem to wake up in the morning with fresher looking skin.

Overall result!
I enjoyed using this product line, I think it’s been well thought out, and is pleasant and easy to use. All products absorb well and do a great job at keeping skin moisturised.

Did I notice anti ageing benefits during the trial? 
I have noticed my under eye wrinkles decreased and my complexion brighter. I thought I might of noticed a slight reduction in my forehead wrinkles toward the end of my trial, but I'm not totally sure. 14 days does not seem long enough to trial this product; as real results require 30 days of treatment to start to be noticeable. However, my first impressions are definitely positive. I am definitely enthusiastic to keep using this product for the next 30 days and see what it can do for my skin.

Want to know more about Boots Serum 7 range?  Go into the following pharmacies and check it out.

Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacy Australia wide.

These products were provided for my consideration

Monday, 30 November 2015


L-R: Coral Reef, Perfect Pear, Mint Julep, Forget Me Not, Pink Perfect

I’ll start by saying coloured mascaras are one of my favourite things ever. They are fun and can really bring a whole eye look together with the right colour combos. 

NYX have outdone themselves again bringing out a funky range of mascaras, to play, have fun and look bloody awesome at the same time!

My favourite out of the lot would be the 'Forget Me Not' and Pink Perfect.

Forget Me Not
NYX mascaras are the best and most affordable colour mascaras currently on the market.  In the above photo, I have only given my lashes about three coats.  Coverage, product application to lengthen was really good.  staying power was pretty good as well. There were no smudges or flakes falling off throughout the day.

I really like the brushes.  They are thin making it easier to apply close to the eyelids without making a mess.  I'm really impressed of the quality of these mascara, it is definitely value for money.

NYX coloured mascara are available at all Target stores and Target online store. At $12.95 you can afford to buy all 5! 

Have you ever used coloured mascara?  If so, what is your favourite colour?


Baylis & Harding are at it again bringing gorgeous gifts sets in time for the festive season. Solely exclusive to Big W you are guaranteed to pick up quality products at bargain prices.

Baylis & Harding are experts at creating fabulous fragrance blends which can turn the simplest bathrooms into a sumptuous haven in which to relax and let the cares of the world soak away.

It is Baylis & Harding's combination of stunning designer packaging, exceptional quality and fantastic value for money that make them one of the UK's best loved brands and a go-to brand for desirable gifting in Australia.

So go on, have a little British in your bathroom. Here are a few perfect gift ideas. Prices starting as little as $10. Such good value you can't go wrong.

Royale Bouquet Ultimate Luxury Gift Set is the ultimate gift set.  With the old English packaging containing all the necessary products to indulge and immerse yourself in creme bath!

Gift set contains
Body polisher
Shower Creme
Hand & Body Lotion
Bath Soak Crystals
RRP: $20

Luxury Gardening Gloves Gift Set, perfect for the nana that loves gardening.  Cute set of gloves and a delicious combination of Verbena and Chamomile hand cream.

Gift set contains
A set of gloves
Hand Cream
RRP $10

Sport Men's Kit Bag. This duffel weekend bag is stylish.There are also gifts sets for the men in our lives.  This one is my fave.

This kit contains
Shower Gel
Body Soak
Hair and body wash
Aftershave balm
Body Lotion
RRP $25

Black Pepper & Ginseng Rugby Ball Gift Set.  Perfect for all ages, This faux leather rugby toiletry bag is a perfect travelling companion as well as great to take to the pool or gym.

This gift contains
Shower Gel
Hair and body wash
Aftershave balm
Face wash
RRP $20

Baylis and Harding gift sets are exclusive to Big W and are even available to purchase online.

The products were provided for my consideration.


Sephora Holiday Showcase was amazing and magical.  There was an energetic buzz in the room with heaps of brands set-ups lining every corner of the room.  Media were invited to get up close and personal with representatives from each of the brands stocked exclusively in Sephora Australia. 

Brands that were on show were Studio 101, Make Up For Ever, IT Cosmetics, Cover FX, Percy & Reed, Patricks, Beauty Blender, SEPHORA’s in-house brand, Perfeckt, Zoeva, Givenchy, Formula X, Elizabeth & James, Kat Von D, Nudestix, Aromatherapy Associates, June Jacobs, Ole Henriksen, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Edible Beauty, Antonym, Tarte, and Estelle & Thild.

So Christmas being literally around the corner and buying gifts is getting harder and harder each year.  Sephora showcased a plethora of Christmas Beauty buys perfect for everyone.

Whether you are buying for a BFF or KK,  Sephora have you covered to suit all budgets. With heaps of gift packs and makeup sets to choose from, I have selected a few favourites.

Makeup Forever Kits - there are  5 different sets and comes in two colours red and orange.  

I have the Cult Makeup Set which contains all of the below.  This one is the first set pictured above. Kits start from $49 - $122.

Retails $49

Kat Von D has released two ah-mazing sets. The eye palette colour wheel and Mi Vida Loca miniature lipstick collection which includes a full size one as well!

Each set RRP $59

The lippies come packed on a tray.

Formula X has collaborated with Kat Von D and created nail polishes to match her lipstick collection.  These gift packs contain one lippie and one nail colour.

Each set RRP $12.50

Colour swabs of all the lippies in the set. Highly pigmented and vibrant.  My fave is the orange.

L-R: NaYeon, Coven, Sexer, Halo, Wolvesmouth

Marc Jacobs has released three fabulouso gift sets - The Sofia, The Free Spirit and The Skyliner. For those looking for something a little more glam, these gorgeous sets are truly a must-have.  So far I have the lippies, My next purchases will be the liners and palette! 

The Sofia Set RRP $48

The eye shadow palette has 20 eye shadow colours to play with.

The Free Spirit RRP $48
This 7 piece eyeliner set my fave.  Also comes in a reusable clutch.  The liners are soft and creamy.

The Skyliner RRP $48

Elizabeth and James – a fragrance brand from the multi-talented sisters Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.  Ashley and Mary-Kate wanted the signature fragrance for Elizabeth and James to embody the same sense of duality inherent to their partnership and the brand. The result was not one, but two blends—distinctly different, but undeniably connected.

Nirvana White captivates with a blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication.

Rollerballs RRP $25

Nirvana Black is an addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

Rollerballs RRP $25

Sephora Collection palettes are insane.  They have every colour imaginable.  Here are two mega palette sets. They make the perfect gift for anyone, especially a newbie to make up.  The perfect accessory for a mega palette set?  A set of makeup brushes!

Mega Eye shadow palette RRP $59

This grand make palette box has made make up application easy.  With the left side for daytime makeup and the right for evening and the lip colours in the middle. The bottom tray contains cream shadows and blushes.

Blockbuster Palette RRP $69

For those on a budget or searching for those little somethings to fill in a gift bag or Christmas stocking, these items are the perfect gifts.

Nail art brushes set

Creative Nail Art Brushes RRP $15

Sephora's Own
Collection of bathroom products, they are way too cute.  From body moisturisers, hand creams, bubble baths, shower gels and the oh so cute rubber duckie.  There are tons of stuff you can pick up at Sephora.

Sephora Christmas stocking fillers start from $5.95

 A selection of small gifts, set of three tree baubles that contain lip balms.  Mini fragrance roll-on fill canister. Fill your favourite perfume and throw it in your handbag.

Sephora roller perfume canister RRP $21

Beautyblenders, my personal favourite.  I loved the original Beautyblender, Blotterazzi blotting sponges is new to the family, comes in a carry case perfect for the touching up your makeup.

Beautyblender and Blotterazzi RRP $27 each

These are only a small fraction of what is available at Sephora.

Now that Sephora have opened up two more stores and Sephora Online, shopping has never been easier.

Don't forget Sephora now have loyalty cards.  Sephora White and Black.  To find out more about these jump on their website.

I attended this event as a media guest

Saturday, 28 November 2015


I have a confession to make, I haven't actually tried any NYX products until the day I attended the BloggersUnited Event. Where have I been!

NYX's Butter glosses are the smoothest and most comfortable lip glosses I've ever worn. They are so creamy and highly pigmented. It's like a super duper moisturised lipstick, but only better. Oh did I mention they smell divine!

When I was younger I loved lip glosses but as I have gotten older I've become more of a lipstick gal as I find glosses are too sticky and too shimmery and I'm sure I'm not the only oldie who feels the same.

This is where butter gloss has won over my lipsticks. They have the moisturising properties and opaqueness of a lipstick and a creamy shine which I like, giving me a more youthful appearance.

OK, now for some colour swatching.

L-R: Fortune Cookie, Eclair, Vanilla Cream Pie, Strawberry Parfait, Cherry Pie, Ginger Snap

I love these colours.  They all looked really good on my lips, I believe that these colours were carefully formulated to ensure they made every girl look good!

From a beautiful nude shade to a deep brown, each one could be worn lightly or pack it on and give your lips a dose of shine and fullness.  

NYX's Butter Glosses are available from Target stores and Target Online for $9.95.

Friday, 20 November 2015


No one likes to think and talk about wrinkles, but whether you age gracefully or not eventually you will get some. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I'm not a big fan of plastic surgery or invasive treatments unless it needs to be done for medical health reasons.

That is why I'm a fan of Transformulas range of products like the EyeLifting Gel because it does exactly what it says it does.

The texture of the product is a clear watery gel consistency. There is no scent or colour. It has a slight cooling affect when first applied making it pleasant to use. At first it is a bit sticky but this eventually dries.

RRP $49.00

Best way to apply is to dab under the eye area and then pat it in with your finger to blend; rather than smearing under the eye like a lip gloss.

After two applications I found that that the effects were instantly seen and felt. My under eye area was instantly tight, firm and smooth. I applied concealer and foundation and found that it went on smoother leaving a nicer surface to apply make up on. 

The top ingredients this gel contains are Beech Tree Bud (this gives the skin more elasticity to help reduces lines), Kigelia Africana Extract (offers antibacterial properties for healing, firming and hydrating the skin) and 25% Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin.

EyeLifting Gel is compact and discreet and can be carried around in your handbag. I highly recommend this product I love it!

FaceContour and Tightening Creme is known as Lift and sculpt WITHOUT the Knife!

RRP $59.00

Face Contour and Tightening Creme is a treatment product to sculpt, contour and define the jowl area, jawline, cheekbones, and forehead.

As we age, skin loses elasticity because the cells cross link to make them weaker and less structured. But FaceControl can give visible results after just one application. Eyebags, lines and wrinkles give way to a face that radiates a more youthful, taut appearance.

With ingredients like  Acmella Oleracea - relaxes muscle contractions, softening the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, Tocopheryl Acetate - boasts anti-inflammatory and healing properties, Allantoin – a valuable cell-proliferating healing agent for healthy tissue and softer skin and Prunas Perscia – helps prevent the skins natural tendency to dehydrate, it's no wonder this product has a cult following in the UK.

To be applied twice a day morning and evening on freshly cleansed skin, smooth in until absorbed and you feel a tightening sensation almost immediately.

When treating the neck and jowl area, apply small amounts onto the skin with firm upward movements.  For the jaw line and chin, apply from chin to the jaw line, smooth in an outward, upward motion to top of the jaw and down under the ear.  Cheekbones apply and smooth outward upward motion pushing firmly from cheekbone to the eye area and the forehead, pat onto forehead pushing firmly outwards and upwards.

For optimum results use daily under your favourite moisturiser over a 30 day period and continue to use daily for ongoing results.

Transformulas are available at Priceline. For more information on these products visit  

These products were kindly provided for consideration.