Thursday, 18 September 2014

Survival Kit by Camp Beauty Workshop

Last Sunday I attended a Survival Kit by Camp Beauty Workshop. Celebrity hairdresser and make-up artists Michelle Scott and Jo Cotter have powdered and pouted almost every famous face in Australia. 

After a combined 40 years in the industry, they have joined forces as Camp Beauty to share their experience and knowledge with Aussies of all ages.

Operation Makeover is Camp Beauty’s mission to give women the skills to do their own make-up in easy to follow and no fuss classes. Camp Beauty arms women with the essentials to look their best in just five minutes. Camp Beauty takes a hands-on approach to education - their classes are about learning by doing in a fun environment.  Their workshops start with a 2.5 hour Graduate Class – offered at a location of a client’s choice or at a Camp Beauty Base Camp Location.

The workshop I attended was held lovely Balmain.  The class was small and intimate which was great as we had more one-on-one time if we needed assistance with makeup application. We each had our own makeup case with all the essentials.

Before we commenced we had to find out whether we were either hot or cold.  I was a hottie!  This is to determine whether warm or cool colours were better suited to our skin.  This was an important step in achieving the best results.

We had a brief explanation on how the Camp Beauty Compass Card works

Step by step instructions on how to achieve a Five Minute Face, for looking fabulous in an instant. 

Tips on where to apply concealer

We were then left to our own devices to attempt the five minute face.  I was very surprised how easy it was. All I needed were simple trips and tricks and guidance and I reckon I perfected it. 

When I hear eyelash curling I cringe.  I thought I was going to have to learn how to use eyelash curlers.  My fond memory of using one was a very painful one and a swollen eyelid.  Jo whipped out a heated eyelash curler that resembled a mascara. It was amazing, I loved it and I didn't even hurt myself!

Check out my eyelashes on the right

My highlight of achievement is learning how to apply liquid liner and eyeshadow for my eye shape.   

End result - a flawless look.

Once we achieved the five minute face we moved onto the more glamorous Fifteen Minute Face using Camp Beauty’s own Survival Kit including cosmetics and brushes.  I've learnt the difference between brushes and that sometimes it is better than fingers!  I'm a fingers girl everything I apply is with my hands, not sure why but I think it comes down to not knowing which brush to use and using my fingers was an easy way out!

The 2.5 hours flew. Michelle and Jo were easygoing, fun and patient with all the questions, rescuing any almost disasters by showing us how we can fix any errors without starting all over again.  I had so much fun that I want to do it again with my girlfriends.

Camp Beauty Focuses On Teaching Women:
  • How to easily achieve a flawless finish
  • The winning formula for day and night make-up application
  • What works for you specifically – colours, tones and application
  • Detailed make-up techniques
  • Good make-up habits and how to change bad habits
  • How to choose the right make up. Quality tools and cosmetics are key, but they don’t have to break the bank

Who is this suitable for?  Everyone, girls day out, pre-wedding party, birthday party even divorce party!

Camp Beauty also sell all the products they use in the workshop.  To find out more about the Camp Beauty visit their website

Thank you Thatscommsco for inviting me

Monday, 15 September 2014

Dyson Cool AM06 Desktop Fan

On the 1st September Dyson launched their new cooling technology in Sydney. Dyson has been developing bladeless fans for over 10 years, using patented Air Multiplier technology to project powerful airflow.

Dyson's engineers were tasked with making the existing Dyson Air multiplier fans quieter without compromising the performance. The new bladeless fan is 75% quieter and eliminates the tone that equates to the irritating mosquito hum.

How it works
Air is drawn in by an energy-efficient, brushless motor. Airflow is then accelerated through an annular aperture, passing over an air foil-shaped ramp, which draws in and channels its direction. This creates and projects powerful, smooth, high velocity airflow

I was lucky enough to be invited for a one-on-one experience with a Dyson design engineer, Thomas, who took me through the story, the prototypes and the science behind the redesigned iconic bladeless fan, at their Dyson Cool technology hub in Surry Hills.

Reducing the noise
One of the main sources of noise was the fan's motor. To solve this problem, the Acoustics team designed a Helmholtz cavity for each fan.

When sound waves from the motor enters the cavity the pressure fluctuation deflects them, neutralising the majority of the motor's noise. This is brilliant. Dyson is the only brand in the world (that I'm aware of) that wants better products for their customers and thinks outside the box.

A previous model of the Dyson Cool was turned on for me to hear the difference in sound. Even the previous models were still quieter than conventional fans that are out on the market these days. I'm very impressed with the technology and what they have achieved. After listening to how they came about creating that piece of foam in the cavity, it all looks so simple even though it isn't.

Here is a comparison of conventional fans & Dyson Cool.

Dyson Cool Fans come in a variety of styles and colours to suit all decor.

Before I knew it the one-on-one was over.  I love to know how things are made, the history behind the product. We always see the end product and sometimes we don't question where it came from or how was it made.

I was given a Dyson Desk Fan AM06 to test drive it for myself.  It came in a compact small box, lightweight and easy to carry.  There is basic assembling to do, nothing major just connect the base to head and your ready to go.

Sydney weather being unpredictable as always, supposed to be rainy ended up being a lovely warm day, so the house was all closed up.  When we got home it felt very warm and stuffy.  I switched on the Dyson and freaked out how quick our lounge room cooled down.  Within 10 minutes the lounge room and hallway were cool.  The Dyson Cool is one powerful mother. Personally I did not find the humming noise annoying, if anything I could barely hear it, maybe because there is never a moment of silence in our household except when we are all asleep in bed!

The desktop Dyson Cool fits nicely on our corner coffee table, taking up little space and not interfering with anything.

The Dyson Cool swivels side to side to distribute cool air evenly.  It can even be angled up so the air is circulated up higher.

Side profile, slim and elegant.

Dyson Cool has a 7 speed setting and a timer. So if you want to go for a nap or leave it on throughout the night, you can set the timer to switch off in 15 min, 30 mins, 45 mins all the way up to 9 hours.

The handy mini remote is magnetic and sits on top of the fan so you will never lose it!  Clever isn't it.

Did you Know?
  • 65 engineers worked on Dyson Cool™ fans development
  • That there are 410 patents and 187 pending patent applications worldwide for the Dyson Cool™ fan range. Globally, Dyson holds over 1,600 patents for over 400 inventions. Annually, Dyson spends over $4.5 million securing and maintaining intellectual property rights for its technology
  • The Dyson Cool™ fans are made from Acrylontride butadiene styrene – ABS
  • Dyson employs more than 1,600 scientists and engineers while developing the next generation of Dyson technology
  • Two year parts and labour guarantee. For more information please visit:

Dyson products are available at all major retailers and online on the Dyson website.

Prices start from
AM06 Desk Fan: $449
Comes in black/nickel, iron/blue & white/silver - weighs approx 3.3kg

AM07 Tower Fan: $649
Comes in white/silver & black/nickel - weighs approx 4.6kg

AM08 Pedestal Fan: $649 
Comes in white/silver - weighs approx 6.8kg

To find out more about the engineering behind Dyson technology - watch the engineering story here.

To keep updated on all Dyson technology find us on Facebook & Twitter

Kerastase Discipline Anti-Frizz Miracle Review

I took part in a Beautyheaven member trial for Kerastase Anti-frizz treatment.  This is an alternative to having keratin straightening.

So all drugged up with antibiotics and Nurofen I was ready for a funfilled couple of hours. The whole experience was so much fun, especially that I had been bed ridden for almost two weeks with tonsillitis and an ear infection. 

I have had my hair keratin straightened several times over the years and have been pleased with the results but not the price of the service.  Keratin Straightening can really hurt the pocket and the bum, sitting in the chair for three hours, then having to have dead straight styleless hair for three days after.

Kerastase Anti-Frizz treatment is a whole modern take when it comes to straightening hair.  I was extremely surprised to find that the whole process from washing to styling took no more than one and a half hours and my hair looked amazing.

I was provided with several Kerastase Morpho-Keratine products to maintain the upkeep of my hair. Smooth-in-motion Shampoo, Maskeratine (Conditioner), Complete anti-frizz care heat-protection serum and Elixir Ultime, a beautifying oil.  Using all these products has kept my hair free from frizz, better styling ability and the overall condition of my hair, amazing.

Here are before an after shots of the front and back courtesy of Beautyheaven.

Please forgive my puffy face, with severe tonsillitis I seemed to have grown extra jaw cheeks.

Five weeks on and I am still pleased with the condition of my hair.  The shampoo and conditioner is so thick and creamy you do no need as much product so they last longer than regular shampoos and conditioners. Whether I blow dry my hair or let it dry naturally, I no longer experience extreme frizz like I did before.  I can honestly say I have even reduced the amount of products I use mainly because my hair is so much more manageable that I am leaving my hair down more often these days instead of a ponytail.  This treatment lasts up to 10 washes as long as you use the recommended products, just like if when you get your hair straightened.  I have had well over 10 washes and am pretty pleased with my hair.  I will not hesitate going back into the salon and getting the treatment again.

My products are almost empty and I'm normally a tight-arse when it comes to paying dearly for hair products, I'm always looking for deals and specials, but after seeing the results, short term and long term, I will look past the cost and just buy the products because its worth the money.

To find out more about the in-salon keratin experience and take-home products, hop on to Kerastase's website to find out your nearest salon.

Thank you to Beautyheaven for inviting me to be part of this amazing day.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Beauty & Spa Expo 2014 visit

A few weekends ago I attended the Beauty & Spa Expo. My intentions were different from last year.  In 2013, it was my first year and I had no idea what to expect.  It was exciting, new and mostly ogled at everything and shopped ridiculously.

This year I was more organised, I had a list of stands to visit, treatments to experience and products to explore.  My aim was to check out 'new to the market' brands and treatments.  Unfortunately there were not enough hours to do everything, but I was very pleased with what I accomplished.

This year it was held at Glebe Island exhibition centre instead of Darling Harbour's exhibition centre. I didn't mind the new location, it was closer to home.  What was a little disappointing is the amount of exhibitors not at the show this year.  From memory there were many more brands and the variety was bigger.

I came across many familiar brands like OPI, Orly, Napoleon, Pelactive etc. I did explore and was very tempted to buy.  I successfully refrained myself from spending senseless amount of money on products that I already have heaps of but at those fab prices it was too good to pass up situations.  I had to keep reminding myself that I will be in New York next month and I need that extra dosh for splurges at places like Sephora!  

Ok, I tell a small lie, I bought this bag of nail colours, mini Orly's, they were so adorable I couldn't resist and at $10 for the bag, it was a crime not to grab one.

Their fandangle machine caught my eye so I drifted over for a sticky beak.  30 minutes later I was still there, intrigued and excited at this new technology.

Beyonails Get Tink'd is a desktop printer, capable of printing unlimited colour patterns or photos on your nails and nail tips.  Easy to use, it enables you to create quick nail art designs.

Professional salon printer

Mini desktop printer (portable)
Preparing my nail and adding base
Finger getting printed

Voila a digital nail print!

Samples of amaze art

I was so impressed by the blue rubber cuticle protector I had to buy a box. This was an extreme necessity. I'm a very messy nail painter, I then pick the nail polish off my cuticles and they look terrible.  This will solve all my problems.

100 sheets in a pack

Faby 'Made in Italy'
Scooting down in my vespa, I made a coffee pit stop at Faby.  An attractive Vittoria espresso machine was giving me the eye convincing me to share an espresso with it.  Whilst waiting for my brew some Italian stallions standing near my vespa, had asked me to take a photo with them.  All Italian themed I felt at home!  There were endless rows of nail polishes that looked like a sea of colours.  One section were gels and the other normal nail colours.  I opted for the quicker option due to time restraint.

Faby is Made in Italy with really fun names like 'sunglasses and bikini', 'hop on my scooter' and 'look at me baby'. With every shade imaginable available, you really are spoilt for choice.  They even have a collection for men.  Fabuloso!

Faby nail polishes are proud to be the Big 5 Free.  This means their products do not contain the following five harmful chemicals, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

Colours for men!

Beautiful range of colours

Variety of different gift packs

Intimate sesh with Michael Brown
I briefly attended a workshop session with Michael Brown.  Within the hour of sitting there I learnt so much from tips and tricks to knowing the shape of my eyes and how to do my makeup to compliment them. 
I wondered over to Jen Hawkins stand where she launched J Bronze, great product but I do not use bronzing products. I did try the samples that they handed out though,  easy application and goes on nicely.
Moving right along I stopped at Dermatude stand.  I'm not a fan of cosmetic enhancement of any kind but I am open to knowing more about microdermabrasions of any sort.  Meta Therapy is the latest innovation in the beauty industry.  By using the Dermatude Meta-Ject FX50 device and  hand attachment with ultra-thin needles, you can create micro-perforations in the skin.  The skin sees these practically invisible micro-perforations as skin damage and will activate its natural repair mechanism,  In addition it is suppose to stimulate the production of collagen and elastine.  

So I braved it and gave it a go, I was super nervous because you never know how the skin will react, no numbing cream is needed, there is no downtime and no bleeding.  As I settled in the chair, the therapist commenced the treatment starting at my chin and working her way up, it began to get quite painful around the temple and forehead.  I was told that it will feel tender and warm from anywhere up to a couple of hours.

After the treatment my face felt like I had been sitting in the sun without sunblock between 10am-2pm!.  This lasted for around an hour and a half.  My face was like a tomato and swollen so walking around the expo I felt paranoid so I popped into the Pelactive stand and they kindly applied mineral foundation to mask the redness.

My face was red for almost up to a week, this was not expected, My skin felt quite sensitive and I had to use more makeup than usual on a daily basis.  I had bags under my eyes for a good week.  I was not pleased but it settled down around eighth day and the rest of my face began to settle as well. Three weeks later, still waiting for any improvement.

Last year I visited and purchased a lovely amount of Ruby Wing nail polishes.  Amongst them were scented and UV colour change polishes.  Again, they had an array of new and amazing UV colour change polishes. I did not buy any this year, I wanted to concentrate on new things, like the new Manikit and Pedikit I picked up, 2 for $5, a bargain. I will let you know how these products performed.

Lebanese brand, Provoc

An Italian comb company with its factory situated in Milan Italy.  Their stand was cute and colourful with a wonderful range of combs and brushes to choose from sizes, shapes and colours.  I opted for the small handle comb in orange and small paddle hair brush in green.  The quality is really nice, made from smooth sturdy plastic.  

Janeke also have other combs and brushes made from other  materials ranging from wood, chrome, genuine horn and carbon fibre.  There are a variety of styles, patterns.

Perfect for travelling

My favourite brand discovery would have to be Uspa.  The stand was inviting and lush.  The scent that filled the air was relaxing and fresh.  Indulging in a hand massage and learning about the brand was interesting. with natural ingredients sourced from Australia, Uspa products smell divine and feel luxurious. This is a brand to watch and I definitely can't wait to have a spa experience when they open up a centre in Sydney.

A little takeaway gift
I used these products and I would have to say they are one of the nicest organic natural products I have used.  I can feel the quality ingredients working on my skin.

As it was well into the afternoon I couldn't believe how quick the day has gone and I felt I had only seen half of the expo.
There was one last brand I wanted to check out before I leave, Blinc.  I discovered this amazing mascara when I was trawling the shelves in David Jones.  The cool packaging caught my eye and had to buy it to give it a try.  I was truly impressed with the mascara and was excited to know they were going to exhibit at the expo.

Blinc invented a technology breakthrough in mascara that allows for the easy application of water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes which differs from the painted on coverage of conventional mascaras. 

Once applied, the tubes encase you're lashes and will not run, smudge, clump or flake even if you cry or rub your eyes! Blinc mascara will add both volume and length to your lashes, giving you a radiant natural look that lasts all day long. Only when you are ready to remove Blinc mascara will the tubes slide off your lashes into your hands effortlessly without the use of harsh make up remover, leaving no tint and residue behind. Blinc mascara has been clinically tested to be non-irritating making it ideal for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and active people in search of mascara whose look, hold and ease of removal is unrivalled.

The most exciting new is that they have a new product coming out soon and I cannot wait to get my hands on it to trial.

That was a wrap, I was at the expo for a good 6 hours and I was exhausted.  I was proud of myself that I did not spend hugely, now I can reward myself in NY.

Until next year!