Tuesday, 25 February 2014

RESVERATROL: The New Elixir of Anti-Ageing

I've written quite a few reviews on products that benefit our skin and body from the outside in but never a product that works from the inside out.

Jeunesse have released an product called Jeunesse Reserve. It's a gel liquid drink which contains an exotic fruit blend packed with Resveratrol, the hottest ingredient making waves in the health and beauty world this 2014, backed up by other nourishing and healing super foods such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Acai Berry and Pomegranate.

Recommended by some of the world leaders in health including acclaimed Dr Oz, Dr Vincent Giampapa, Dr Joseph Maroon, Resveratrol has been dubbed the longevity module because of the role it has been found to play in anti-ageing.

With each box of Reserve, you get 30 gel packs of 30ml each. Each gel pack provides the following benefits:
  • Antioxidants to resist cell inflammation, oxidative stress and premature ageing
  • Anthocyanins to support improved cardiovascular function
  • Essential fatty acids to assist in digestive tract function
  • Phytosterols to assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Healthy immune system support but boosting your immune to give you protection against diseases and infections
  • Increased metabolism
It is recommended that the gel packets should be taken 1-2 times a day, either on its own or in a smoothie for a boost of good health.

I cannot tell you what benefits I experienced as I only trialled two gel packs, but what I can tell you is the flavour and my thoughts.  The gel packs are great.  They are small and easy to carry around in your bag. No water or glass needed, just tear the pack and drink.

The taste is quite pleasant.  At first it tasted like Ribena but saltier and slightly bitter.  It's difficult to describe the taste but at least its nice to drink.  

Here are some of the ingredients in addition to Resveratrol so you have an idea of the flavour.

Cherry juice
Grape juice
Aloe Vera
Grapeseed extract
Green tea extract

Pack of 30 Gel packets (30ml each) from $83.95 direct from the company or $134.95RRP.

For stockist information please visit Jeunesse or you can contact them on (02) 8007 3116.

Friday, 21 February 2014

LonVitalite Treatment Masks for Face, Eyes and Hands

I was very excited to be given the opportunity to trial and review the LonVitalite masks for many reasons, the main being Australian made and owned, products that offer something different and that works and are very affordable!

In my pack I received one of each product.  I have trialled them all and have been extremely pleased with all them.

All facial masks are applied the same. Each foiled pack contains a masks presoaked in a thick luxe serum. They all cater for all skin types.  Choose your preferred treatment and off you go and relax.

C2 Collagen firming & moisturising facial mask
I liked the fragrance of the mask, it was very subtle.  Around a minute after applying the mask, my skin began to tingle and continued to tingle for 20 minutes until I removed the mask.  It wasn't a bad tingle but a good feeling type of tingling which was telling me it was working on my skin.  It also had a cooling effect on the skin that continued after removing the mask.  My skin felt soft, supple and plump.   The following day my skin continued to look refreshed, hydrated and plump.

With 100% natural collagen protein, it provides the skin structure with new energy, soothes and replenishes the skin with nutritional ingredients. Obviously results are not long term, but facial masks should be part of any beauty regime to maintain optimum results.

C3 red wine collagen firming & moisturising facial mask
Fragrance again was subtle and very pleasant. A. I also felt a tingle in the skin with this mask. I could easily get used to relaxing and catching up on TV me time while I wait for my skin to soak up all the nutrients from the mask. End results, my skin felt soft, smooth, cool and moisturised. I did not find any lines instantly disappear, however, I did find my skin to be well hydrated, softening the fine lines around the forehead.

With extracts from the Red Wine Grape Seed, the antioxidant assists in reducing free radicals in the skin.  The unique combination of nutrients and antioxidants promote the regeneration of damage cells, instantly penetrating the skin to repair skin tissue, improving oxygen to the skin and also assists in providing calm, soothing relief from inflammation from sunburn resulting from over exposure to the sun.

C4 coconut milk hydrating & nourishing facial mask
This particular mask has the main ingredient of coconut oil which we all know is amazing for hydration. This mask is aimed to prevent or relieve dry flaky skin, age spots and appearance of fine lines. 

Great for dry skin and for the cooler months ahead. It has a cooling sensation and after you remove it your skin just feels so supple and fresh.

C1 whitening, pigment toning & moisturising facial mask
I have never tried a 'whitening' mask before so not sure what to expect. After use, my skin felt plump, smooth and moisturised. I didn't notice any whitening or fading of pigment in one use but with vitamin C and essential vitamins and minerals to penetrate the skin, there is no doubt that this product will work with long term use. I have to admit though my skin did seem more awake.

This treatment mask is designed to reduce the appearance of pigment flaws including damage caused by exposure to UVA and UVB by inhibiting the production of melanin, meaning your skin will be brighter and more even toned.

Catching some zzzzz's

C8 collagen crystal eye mask
I loved the eye mask. It was soothing, cooling and I could feel the benefits instantly. The curved silicone like pads were easy to apply. It eliminates dark circles and fine lines under the eyes which are caused by ageing, environmental elements and everyday stress in life as well as promoting luminosity evening out the skin tone surrounding the eyes. This contains hyaluronic acid which is amazing for hydration and vitamins to help reduce any skin damage. My eye area was left feeling soft, smooth and super hydrated.

C9 Crystal moisturising hand mask
This is one product I have never seen before and was super eager to try.  I've used scrubs and masks on my hands but its not quite the same.

These hand masks are awesome. They are gloves that are formulated with chamomile to help soothe rough hands and replenish the skin. You must be doing absolutely nothing when using these gloves as it is impossible to do anything, so you must relax. Perfect time to also put on a facial mask!

After 20 minutes my hands were soft and the skin even looked lighter. My cuticles were moisturised and looked really good.  I couldn't stop rubbing my hands as they felt fresh and smooth. I would have to say this is my favourite.

Below are two photos of before and after shots.


24k gold active golden yulan oil facial mask
I liked this one. Only thing is it felt very cold but then again we are having a cold snap here is Sydney, in the middle of Summer! I snuggled up in bed. It felt like I had an ice pack on my face. The 20 minutes came and went and the results is quite similar to the other masks. My skin is loving all the attention and TLC lately that I have actually seen a difference in my skin over the last 2 & 1/2 weeks. My skin has felt more hydrated.

24k gold active golden yulan oil eye mask
Having a restless night sleep due to my son not feeling the best throughout the night, I had bags under my eyes and they were looking a little darker than usual.  They hurt and felt like rubbing them for relief. Instead, I popped these beauties on in the morning and I instantly felt relaxed and soothed. It was even wonderful to spend an extra 15 minutes in bed before I frantically jumped out to get ready for work and to take my son to mums. 

My eyes looked and felt better. The puffiness was reduced dramatically and all I needed was concealer to cover up any evidence of a sleepless night.

LonVitalite has a wonderful collection of masks suitable for any skin type, age and issue.  They are affordable and effective.  With long term use of any of these products results would definitely be visible.

LonVitalite products are available on their online store www.lonvitalite.com.au.

Jump on their Facebook page and check out what their fans say about their products.

Have you tried LonVitalite masks before? I would like to know what you think of them and which is your favourite. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

SMOOZE! Coconut - New Flavour New Treat!

Last year I reviewed the Smooze complete range of healthy treats and it was a hit with the fam. You can read about it here.

Smooze have introduced another flavour to their current range of frozen treats 'Simply Coconut'.

Smooze Fruit Ice is the most delicious, dairy free and healthy alternative to hit supermarkets. There has never been anything like it in the past and with Smooze you can be comfortable that the whole fam can enjoy a Fruit Ice anytime and know that there are no preservatives, colours or anything artificial in it. Perfect for the little ones and the grown ups, its a definite win all around.

With summer hot days that we have been having, Smooze has been a daily addition to our after school smoothies.  Either a banana, mango or fresh berries is added to the blender with Smooze 'Simply Coconut and half a cup of milk.  This is far better than flavoured milk or snack when my son comes home.  Healthier treat with lots of benefits and tastes delicious that my son cannot get enough of it. This is just a suggestion, Smooze Fruit Ice can be eaten on its own (the way I like it).

Simply Coconut has a unique fresh fruit juice and coconut milk-based flavour, a frozen treat promising exotic summer refreshment without the artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It is made from pure juices and purees, never concentrates or reconstituted juices; you can taste the freshness and naturally, fresh ingredients are far healthier for you than heated up-cooled down-dehydrated-rehydrated, factory-made concentrates!

Per serve, Smooze boasts 60% less calories, 75% less sugar and 40% less fat than light ice cream; offering parents, kids and health-conscious consumers a creamy-textured summer refreshment without the regret.

Smooze comes in three other delish varieties; Mango & coconut, Pink Guava & coconut and Pineapple & coconut.

Smooze - Simply Coconut

For more information about Smooze and nutritional information visit their website www.smooze.com.au