Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bloggers BBQ - January 2014 Event

Another year another fab Bloggers BBQ. Perfect way to start the 2014.  Being super excited about some of the brands especially with a couple of them that I have worked with in the past, I was also excited to meet new brands that I would love to work with.

The first stand near the entrance, aaah my favourite brand Dyson.  Dyson has released yet another fab item, the Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 vacuum. It's lightweight, cordless, and packs the same power as a main vacuum cleaner. With 20 minutes of powerful suction, the DC59 is light and easy to manoeuvre between high, low and hard to reach spaces. Of course I still love my Dyson DC44 but the DC59 sounds super amazing with so many new features like a more ergonomic handle for easier manoeuvring, lighter in weight, more suction and a smaller turbine head and all this noticeable changes from just playing with it for 5 minutes.

Our next stop was a bit of a problem. Once my son plonked his bum on the seat and explored their new latest and greatest release the Nintendo 2DS and their bigger and better 3DS XL, we were stuck here for a good 30 minutes, I was very tempted to leave him there and wander off but I knew as soon as he realised that I disappeared he would probably go outside looking for me and then I would be one very unhappy mum, missing a child! With some bribing and negotiating I was able to peel him away from this station and promised that we would revisit it at the end.

Cenovis, well, this stand was interesting, first impression were vitamins, yes I was correct.  Master Josh jumped in immediately and starting sampling the gummie bears and commenting and making weird sounds like he was on Master Chef or some reality TV show.  His facial expression were dramatic.  He was having a ball and I was very surprised he actually liked the vitamins as he isn't one to take them.

Gastrolyte part of the Cenovis umbrella introduced the new ready to eat Jelly-Ice Blocks. There is no need to chill or freeze Gastrolyte Jelly-Ice Blocks before eating (you can if you have time to wait!) which makes them ideal for parents who want to rehydrate their children quickly from dehydrating illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, colds and flu's. They come in two flavours, strawberry and orange.

Mmmm, I really liked this stand, I am a bit of a beauty fanatic and to come across some delish smelling masks, I was instantly won over. Essenzza Japanese Facial Treatment Masks are simple to use and easy to remove – less messy than a traditional face mask allowing you time to relax and rejuvenate your skin.

What is amazing about these masks is that you are able to put it on and still walk around the house and do whatever and it won't slide off!

Perfect pit stop to top up our water bottles. Cleansui is a market-leading water filtration brand in Japan, providing a premium 3-stage filtering process which removes impurities as small as 0.1 micron from your drinking water.

They had a variety of different products that are suitable for the work, home or even outdoors.  From DIY tap filter, to full installation style filter and jugs for the fridge.

I love Russell Hobbs. I reckon everyone has at least one item in their kitchen that is a Russell Hobbs. They design the nicest kettles and toasters just to name a couple.  My fave on display were the kettles, I loved the purple one but realistically the cream coloured one will match my Nespresso machine.

Staying true to its heritage, today Russell Hobbs boasts an impressive product portfolio from kettles and toasters to cooking, food preparation, cleaning and garment care. Continuously striving to deliver quality products that are not only intuitive and easy to use, Russell Hobbs appliances such as the elegant Kitchen Metallics Collection also act as a statement piece of their own on the bench top and in the home.

Remington had a mini hair makeover stand to either curl or straighten our locks.  Waiting to get my hair straightened was fab, I have to admit I own a very old dinosaur of a hair straightener and I try to avoid using it because it has been burning my hair.  I have been on the hunt for a new one but since I purchased mine 9 years ago there were only a few brands and types on the market and today there are hundreds and I am overwhelmed with choice and lack of information, leaving me not knowing what I need and want for my hair.  After experiencing the Remington hair straightener I was very surprised at its effectiveness and no smelling of burnt hair!

George Foreman had grilled pineapple for sampling which was totally delish and done on the Health Grill! Who would of thought. I only used my very old one (hint hint) for meat, chicken and fish. I never thought about grilling fruit or even veges like capsicum, yum. I am feeling hungry now!

Another fab product on show from George Foreman was the Mix and Go. A personal blender to help us peeps prepare & include more fresh ingredients in our diet. What is different about the Mix and Go is that you put all your fruit and vege in the container, screw on the blade, place it in the blender part and when its all whizzed and smoothied up you remove the blade and screw on a lid and off you go! Its awesome. They were making amazingly delicious smoothies I kept going back pretending to be somebody else!

Another favourite pit stop was Nads. Providing a helpful service to tidy up once again neglected eyebrows.

Nads also displayed several of their other products including Nitwits and the ever so naughty Wyld. Vitamins to increase sexual desire, mmmm, curious and I will try them!

A big shout out THANKS to Steggles for putting a wonderful lunch for all bloggers and their families.  I have never had turkey in so many varieties before.  Another white meat to add to our diets.  It was so delish, with a fussy son, even he didn't know it was something he has never eaten before!

Turkey has a number of nutritional benefits and can help form part of a healthy and well balanced diet and lifestyle. The products are high in protein and low in fat, with mince and breast fillets awarded the Heart Foundation Tick. 

There were many other fab brands like RAMS, Real Insurance & ASG. All offering valuable information about their products and services.

RAMS not only offer affordable home loans but also competitive high interest online savings and transaction accounts to help customers save more and pay off their home loan faster.  They are were 2014 Bloggers BBQ sponsors.  Thank you.

Real Insurance offers value for money, simple and easy to understand insurance products to protect you and your family.

For almost 40 years, the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) has supported over 300,000 families offset the cost of their children’s education. But now we’re moving towards offering more than just education funds. ASG will partner with parents to help nurture their children along their education journey through a wide range of resources, online tools and guides so they can reach their full potential.

Kids Business donated $10 to TLC for kids on behalf of every blogger that attended. It was rewarding to know me and every other blogger that attended, contributed to this worthy organisation.

TLC for kids™ is Australia’s sole provider of immediate distraction and urgent relief for all children in hospitals and their families, nation-wide.

Administered only by hospital and clinical professionals who refer families in need of assistance, TLC’s services (including the TLC Distraction™ Box and RAPID TLC) work to minimise the emotional, logistical or financial distress of any medical situation for children and their families, without having to wait.

TLC for kids support sick children who have fallen through the gaps of the existing healthcare network – subsequently being used in over 400 hospitals across Australia, and in over 650,000 medical examinations and procedures, annually.

Thanks once again Kids Business for making my day fun and allowing our family to attend this time round. It is so much more fun sharing it with the fam.

For more information about all the brands that I have mentioned and exhibited at the Bloggers Brunch, click on their link below.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sharing the love with LUSH on Valentines Day 2014

With Valentines Day just around the corner, each year is becoming more and more of a challenge to find that something special and unique for your loved ones.

Get in the mood for love with this collection of new creations especially for Valentine’s Day.

Love Locket bath bomb ($8.95) Unlock pure luxury

The Love Locket was inspired by the kind of heart-shaped locket you wear as a necklace, perhaps with a secret photograph of a loved one inside. Like any love locket, you need to unlock the bath bomb to reveal the secret hidden within. Crack your locket in half, to unveil the hidden heart in the centre. The outside of the locket is full of paper hearts that will float out onto the surface of the water, while the hidden heart inside is laden with agar hearts to create a spectacular bath time display. Use each half and the inner heart individually (so three baths in total), or throw it all in the bath tub at once for a really decadent bath, enough to get any heart aflutter. 

The brand new fragrance is made from some of our most luxurious essential oils: Fairtrade vanilla absolute, neroli oil and jasmine absolute are blended to create a sweet, sensual and uplifting indulgent bath time.

Neon Love soap ($6.95 per 100g) … Fresh and fruity Inspired by 12 Months of Neon Love

This huge heart shaped soap, emblazoned with the word ‘Love’, is scented with a brand new fragrance of bergamot, rosewood and cinnamon leaf oil and packed full of fresh ingredients, such as fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yoghurt to nourish and soften the skin. Hiding inside are plenty of little white hearts to ensure every slice looks as beautiful and romantic as it

The rosewood oil used in this soap comes from a project set up with funding from the Sustainable Lush Fund (S-Lush), where 2% of our annual buying spend is invested back into initiatives. With money from S-Lush, we bought the rights to a 6,000 hectare forest concession deep in the Amazon, to stop loggers from further deforestation. Working with local communities, we found the land to be full of rosewood trees and over the past few years we’ve worked with the locals on the ground there to set up a sustainable supply of rosewood oil, with their own distillation machinery to enable them to produce the oil on site. So far we’ve received over 100 kilos of rosewood oil from this source.

Close To You massage bar ($8.95) … Melt your heart.

This smooshable massage bar was inspired by the humble jammy dodger. As you peek through the heart shaped hole on top of the bar you can see into the sumptuous white fondant centre.

Made with a luxurious blend of butters and oils, including cupuaƧu butter, shea butter and olive oil, this rich bar shares the same delicious vanilla fragrance as in Rock Star soap and Creamy Candy bubble bar.
Guaranteed to bring someone special Close to You!

Prince Charming shower gel ($8.95 for 100g/ $16.50 for 250g/ $26.50 for 500g)

Happily ever after A shower gel made for princesses and for anyone who needs a Prince Charming in their life!  This sweet-scented, neon pink shower gel is fit for royalty.

Marshmallow root and Fair Trade vanilla pod decoction forms the base, giving a very soothing experience, boosted by nourishing almond oil and cleansing, cooling and astringent fresh pomegranate juice. Prince Charming has a new fragrance of organic sandalwood, geranium and grapefruit essential oils to sweep you off your feet and leave you skin silky soft and smelling lovely.

Tender is the Night massage bar ($10.50) Soft and sensual

Tender is the Night returns this year with a new look. Inspired by Blur’s song Tender and 1920’s author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name, this sensual and sexy massage bar has swapped its soft centre for a solid blend of softening shea butter and murumuru butter, with a larger surface area and pink flower on top. This bar is cocoa butter free and contains an intoxicating blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and Fair Trade vanilla essential oils and absolutes.

Tender is the Night massage bar will be joining the all year round range.

Heart of Gold gift ($42.50)
A selection of pampering goodies for yourself or someone special.
Gift contents: French Kiss bubble bar, The Comforter bubble bar, Rock Star soap 100g, 
From Dusk til Dawn massage bar, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner 45g.

Sexy Fun Times gift ($18.95)
With a sexy massage bar and a piece of FUN, this gift equals sexy fun times!
Gift contents: Tender is the Night massage bar, Pink FUN 200g.

Be Mine gift ($23.50)
Three luxurious treats for the body; a scrubby soap, a sensual massage bar, plus our award-winning Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.
Gift contents: Porridge soap, Soft Coeur massage bar, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner 45g.

Returning Favourites

The Kiss tinted lip balm ($9.95)
Shine and allure This preservative free tinted lip balm gives a touch of colour to the lips without needing a mirror. A delightfully whipped up mixture of luxury humectant butters such as Fair Trade shea and cupuacu, with a very tasty organic agave syrup to easily smooth into the skin leaving a high shine finish, boosted by PET free sparkles.

Organic mandarin and almond essential oils create an uplifting fragrance and moreish taste, making every kiss unforgettable. To give your lips a little something extra, we also added guarana seed powder, a natural lip plumper to make your pout irresistible.

These limited edition Valentines products will be available in LUSH stores nationwide, and online at LUSH.COM.AU from January 30th 2014.


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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My December Beauty Haul - Dior, Revlon, Maybelline, Catwalk, Essie, Portus Cale, Bathox & more

I really can't help myself when I enter pharmacies and department stores, I am drawn to tubs and tables of specials and clearances.  I love rummaging through to find a surprising item that I have been looking for, or a colour I wouldn't normally try but at that instance I would because of the price.

Each month when I itemise each item that I have purchased for the month it is quite scary and confronting, it didn't seem like much, but having all my goodies in front of me and writing about each one, the list never seems to end. My desk is literally covered that I have my cordless keyboard on my lap and my feet against the desk.

Anyway, here is my December haul of beauty products, enjoy!

Dior Nail Polishes Limited Edition Sets
Again Instagram is to be blamed for this. A fellow instagrammer put up a pic of her splurge buy of Dior polishes. They are absolutely divine and I had to get them. It's called 'Bird of Paradise' Series 1 & 2. They both consist of two mini nail polishes in gorgeous colours that compliment each other. These mini's only cost me $45 each.

Revlon & Maybelline nail polishes
Whilst I was waiting to be seen at the doctors I wandered through their chemist and I happen to stumble upon a clearance bin of cosmetics.  I plucked out of the rubble of colours the selected few as seen in the picture below.  Believe it or not they were all $1.  Now tell me whether you wouldn't buy them too.

Catwalk Cosmetics
During lunch at work I need some paracetamol for a headache, and again, a clearance basket, I swear they must know I'm coming!  Inside were all products from Catwalk and all for $2. Rummaging through the products I found 3 pencils and bought them.  Two lip liners and one eye liner.  I love the colours and they are very soft on application.

Essie Nail polishes
A fellow instagrammer posted on her feed that Essie was only $5 in Myers. As I was already in Westfields doing Christmas shopping I did a pit stop, there were only 4 nail polishes left. The shelves had been cleaned out but fortunately for me there were two colours I liked.  I had $10 left on a Myer voucher, perfect!

Portus Cale Room Spray
Over at David Jones, completing my Christmas shopping I came across an amazing brand from Porto, Portugal.  When I travelled in Portugal many years ago I found their body and everyday products were not only different but ornate.  The packaging and scents of their products were amazing.  A lot of these items could be found in supermarkets which were really affordable.  I found the Portuguese take pride in what they produce and it shows in the end product.  This room spray was $29.95 and it smells divine.

bx beauty
Another pharmacy gem find.  Bathox have realised a fab range of Australian Made for Australian skin. There are four shower gels to choose from and three hand care washes.  Price is surprisingly cheap considering they are made here.  I'm a fan in buying Australian and quality products.  Hand wash retailing at $4.99 and body wash at $7.99, you can afford to buy one of each!

Scandal Nail polishes
I came across these in pharmacy (I told you I had a thing for them!). I walked in to get a bottle of water and these were on the counter display. Aren't they neat! Bustier nail polishes. These are from Korea. They were only $5.95 each.

Maxfactor Masterpiece Beyond Length Mascara's
Good ol' Priceline.  Clearance bin, again, these beauties were reduced to $3 each.  I purchased three.  They are actually quite good. There was no flakiness or shedding by the end of the day and was easy to remove.  You can use one colour at a time or use both ends.

MNY & 1000 Hour
Curious to test the quality on the cheaper end products from Maybelline NY.  Pencil was soft and easy to apply, the eye shadow was pretty good for the price.  The hair colour stick & mascara - grey hair, that is all!

Pati Dubroff chubbies for lips from Aldi
Now these were fab.  A work colleague bought a pack and brought it in for show and tell and I instantly loved them so I asked her to buy me a pack.  They were only $20 for five colours.  Application is easy and the colour is subtle, you do have reapply a few time to get good pigment.  It is long lasting, my lips did however felt dry after a while I had to keep applying lip balm whilst the lippy was on.

Well that is it for my December haul. Until next month!