Sunday, 31 March 2013

Remnants of Chanel Perfume

I would love to have and enjoy every single fragrance Chanel has released but this is a long process.  I do not over indulge in my perfumes I spray or dab enough for it to be present without it being over powering and screaming 'hey smell me!' so it may take a while to go through them all.

I love them all but there are a few I'm not a particular fan of as certain scents do not compliment my skin, which is unfortunate because one day I want to have collected a bottle of each fragrance.

Below are images of my past and current fragrances that I have purchased.  There has been a few empty bottles that have gone astray so that just means that it goes back on my to try list!  Although I definitely have a No 5, bottle somewhere, so I need to go and find it so I can add it.

I have also added images of mists, bath oils and bath gels that  have purchased.

Even the hubby love's Chanel fragrance for men, his favourite at the moment is Bleu, he is on his 3rd bottle.


Coco Mademoiselle

Allure Sensuelle
Chance eau Fraiche
Cristalle eau Verte
Chance eau Tendre
Allure Edition Blanche

Allure Sport
Coco Mademoiselle shimmer touch
No 5 eau Premiere
Coco Noir
Chance body mists
Coco & No. 19 Bath Gels
Coco Mademoiselle Bath Gel & Body Mist

No. Intense Bath Oil
Cuir De Russie


I did have two exclusifs Beige & Cuir De Russie, I lent the Beige bottle to a friend to sculpt and unfortunately it broke, I was hugely devastated as it was half full.  The other Cuir De Russie I gave to my mother as I did not like the fragrance on my skin.

At Christmas, a good friend gave me a priceless gift, a vintage refillable No 5 atomiser. It was my best gift ever (apart from my snow globes). A vintage item to be found in a antique shop is a definite find. I always trawl through second hand and antique shops and never come across anything Chanel and for her to find it makes me feel special that she thought of me when she bought it.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Clear Complexions Sydney Store opening

WHEN: Tuesday, 12th March at 6.30pm
WHERE: Clear Complexions Clinic, 2A Rowntree Street Balmain, Sydney.

I was invited to attend the opening of Clear Complexions by Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus.

In 2005 Clear Complexions started out in the ACT with three clinics.  Since their inception the clinics have developed a reputation for bringing cutting edge technology to clients in Canberra and now in 2013 in Sydney.

Clear Complexions Clinics are staffed entirely by skilled skin care nurse.  In recent times we have become desensitised to how potentially dangerous beauty treatments can be in inexperienced hands.  All treatments that effect change in the skin should be conducted by a qualified medical staff to ensure client's safety.  All their nurses undertake independent certification in Laser and IPL and are amongst the most experienced technicians in Australia.

Before any treatment is recommended, a skin assessment first takes place at your initial consultation.  This is very important as not everyone is suitable for certain treatments, just like IPL hair removal, the darker the hair the more effective.

My first impressions when I first walk into the clinic is that it's fresh, approachable and exciting.

It was an intimate gathering, with personal guided tours around the clinic rooms with a short spiel on each treatment and all my questions answered about each treatment.

With some delicious canapes and champagne floating around I unfortunately had to stick to sparkling as I was driving (damn).

There were several guest speakers.  Janine Garner - Little Black Dress Group introduced Suzie and Karen James - GM Affiliate Business Banking spoke for Women in Focus.


Suzie Hoitink, owner and winner of the Telstra Business Women's Awards 2012 (ACT Winner) shared her story of struggle with her own skin and recognised a need in the community for a medical approach to everyday skin issues such as sun damage, rosacea, acne and scarring.

Richard Parker

Richard Parker, Cosmetic Chemist and Founder of Rationale Skincare, flew in from Melbourne to give a speech.  He was so passionate about is products that you could feel his energy in the room.

Rationale's groundbreaking isotropic formulating technology means perfect synergy between formulation and the skin. Active ingredients delivered to precisely where they need to go.   Rationale is also not tested on animals.  The only skin they test on is human skin.   For starters, Rationale is endorsed and prescribed by Australia's leading Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. Available at only the very best medical practices and skin clinics, the full Rationale range is proudly  available at all Clear Complexions Clinics and online.

Before we left we were given a goodie bag and I totally loved the contents, including Rationale's ultra hydrating Molecular Water – which delivers a megadose of Electrolytes, moisture-binders and high molecular weight ‘heavy water’ to instantly calm and rehydrate dry, sensitive skin.

Included a $100 voucher

There was a voucher in the bag that I was able to use against a consultation, which I took that offer up.  I made an appointment for the following week and had a Facial Assessment Report done with a machine called Reveal. A high tech facial imaging system. with exclusive RBX Technology helps visualize the unique colour signatures of red and brown skin components, enabling skin care professionals to provide clear and meaningful client communications.  You cannot get more accurate than that!

I was horrified to see the images of what 'I thought' my skin looked liked in really bad shape but apparently it was the complete opposite.  The images are quite confronting but I was happy to know that all those years of taking really good care of my skin has really paid off.  I did however have issues with broken capillaries on my cheeks and nose, which I was recommended to undertake two types of treatments Genesis Laser and Excel Laser.  Both, I would be very happy to do as I was aware of my capillaries issues but have always been too scared to try anything, afraid of being burnt.

Below is the photo of my assessment.

Slight pigment on the eye lids and upper lip, was told it was more likely due to hormonal

I was also given a sample pack of Rationale products that were recommended for my skin.

Niacinamide Serum, Skin refining Serum & Reactivating night cream

When I do commence these treatments I will be taking before and after shots so you can see the progress of my skin.


Lóreal Revitalift Laser X3 Review

Before trialling Lóreal Revitalift Laser X3 I was using  L'oreal Youth Code.  
Laser X3 claims to do three things to skin:
1. Corrects
2. Re-densifies
3. Re-supports

It contains hyaluronic acid and concentrated pro-xylane.  Hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin to repair and correct the appearance of wrinkles.  Pro-xylane stimulates and strengthens the support fibres of the skin to re-densify it.  

After the first week of using Laser X3,  I noticed a difference in my skin's texture. 
During the second week my skin redness has become less visible, smoother forehead and no dryness or oiliness throughout the day. 

With the horrible humid days we had experienced my skin has been a little irritated.  With Laser X3 it has stabilised the oil factor which in turn has reduced any redness or slight irritation caused by the outdoor elements.   I have stopped using a redness serum  and started using a normal anti-ageing serum and haven't applied foundation which has made my skin even smoother and radiant.   It is like it had a domino effect on my skin.
The scent is of the moisturiser was subtle and pleasant, it was not overpowering on the nose. The texture is a luxe and has the feel of a thick cream but when you apply it it slides thinly and easily, my skin absorbing it quickly. I have combination skin and this product felt amazing on my face and neck.

As for reducing the signs of lines and wrinkles I am still waiting for that to happen.  
Although I found my skin smoother I will wait a bit longer to see if it smoothed out the fine lines on my forehead. I have no doubt that it will reduce the fine lines and wrinkles and sagging with long term use.
Overall rating: 5/5

Product was provided by Beautyheaven for a trial

Sunday, 24 March 2013

DIY Home Straightening with 'JoBaz Everyday Straight Hair' & Giveaway

I was a regular salon keratin straightening customer until I found out that formaldehyde had been removed from hair straightening products I was devastated but wasn’t sure how it would affect the outcome of having luscious frizz free locks. 

The last time I had my hair straightened was about a year ago. I asked the hair stylist how does the keratin product perform without the formaldehyde and I was told it does not affect the outcome at all. After 3 weeks fighting with my frizzy hair and home straightening it almost every morning I decided to return to the salon. The hair stylist admitted that they have had negative feedback from customers saying the Keratin formula was not as effective as pre-formaldehyde. 

This was the last time I spent $200 to have my hair permanently straightened until I came across a fabulous product called Jobaz Everyday straight hair. At RRP $, you can afford to have salon ready hair at your own convenience.  Even though I was not able to use it, I will be trying this product in the future when my hair is a lot healthier.

Jobaz is a UK company and has revolutionised a DIY home straightening kit. 

Before performing any hair straightening at home you MUST read the instructions thoroughly and if you do not understand it please call either your hair stylist or the customer service number listed on the packaging.

After reading the instructions I was not sure of a few things so I visited my hair stylist and discussed with him that I was going to try a DIY hair straightening kit.  He informed me due to my hair breakage, extreme colouring and bad ends my hair would not be a suitable candidate for this treatment.  I was really disappointed as I was looking forward to it but I have been treating my hair pretty badly this last year so I decided to cut off all my hair.

Back to hair straightening.  I asked a dear friend of mine if she was willing to be my guinea pig in trialling out this product and she was happy to oblige.

I had attempted to document my trial in a video and unfortunately something went wrong with my digital camera's SD card.  After a lengthy two weeks at repair, I was given the sad news that most of the videos were corrupted and I couldn't retrieve them and some photos were recoverable.  I am unable to repeat the process on video.

So since nothing has gone my way so far, I had my fingers crossed that I followed the instructions correctly.

Here are photos of the steps taken to achieve soft, straight and salon ready hair.

Before we commenced Carla rinsed her hair twice to ensure all product residue was out.  Best shampoo to use is sulphate free or any shampoo that does not contain high conditioning polymers or surface sealants, ie: colour care shampoo.

Applying Part A - Straightening Cream

Once rinsed I begin to apply the Part A straightening cream.  I divided the hair into 4 quarters and applied the straightening cream ensuring I covered all areas.

Apply cling wrap to trap in heat to ensure effectiveness

Once this was done, I covered Carla's hair with cling wrap. This was left on for 20 minutes.

Straightening Cream out rinsed out.
Gently come out hair without yanking or pulling

Hair was rinsed and gently combed through. It looks worse than what it actually is!

Part the hair into 3 sections to apply Part B

Part the hair into 4 quarters again and then apply Part B the Keratin Protein.

Part B Keratin Protein has been applied

Once the Keratin Protein was applied, it must develop for 10 minutes before rinsing the hair again.

Hair is around 80% dried & now ready to be straightened

Once rinsed the Part B out, dry around 80% of the hair with a little moisture left. Then use a hair straightener to straighten all of your hair. Same routine but parting it into 4 quarters and working your way through it.

The last step is to apply Part C the fixing cream. At this stage your hair is still mouldable and is not permanently straight (although it may look it). Applying the fixing cream will re-attach all those broken bonds in the hair back into the new straight pattern you have just created.

This must be left on the hair for 10 minutes before rinsing. The final stage to beautiful straight and frizz free hair is to apply the remaining Part B Keratin Protein to your hair, just as you would a regular conditioner.

Gently comb through, blow dry and then straighten.

The finished result

Above is the finished result. Carla cannot wash her hair for three days. After that you can wash your hair as normal. It is recommended to use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to prolong the result.

The final verdict:
I was nervous trying this out but was surprised how easy it was.  The labels on the products were easily labelled A, B, C.  It was easy to apply but I think I would of had extreme difficultly doing this on my own hair, you definitely need assistance, someone you can trust!

The only one thing I did not like were the gloves, they were loose fitting and kept slipping off my hands making it very difficult to apply the products.  Other than that there is nothing I would change about this product.

My rating: 4/5.

The best bit - The Competition
Now to win one yourself please follow the three set process to be eligible to enter.

1. Register to follow my blog.  Please click here
2. Email me your name that you registered with and I will validate your entry.
3. Comment on this review and tell me that your have registered and emailed me
4. Conditions are that the winner must submit reviews of the product to myself and it will be posted on the companies website.

So don't delay, get entering! Good Luck

This competition is open to Australian Residents only. Competition Closes on the 19th April 2013. Winner will be notified by email and name posted on this blog.

The winner of the JoBaz giveaway is 
Michelle Robledo from NSW.  

FAQs about Everyday Straight Hair 
Q. Can I curl my hair if I have undertaken an Everyday Straight Hair treatment?
A. Yes you can curl it without problems whenever you want, however (initially) it's best to wait seven days before you try to curl with irons or rollers.

Q. Why am I not allowed to wash, get my hair wet or tie it back for three days after the treatment?
A. Because the hair will not be 100% permanent at the time of completion. It can take up to 72 hours for the bonds in the hair to fully re-connect and water can break them again.

Q. If I get my hair wet is the process ruined?
A. No, just try and dry it as soon as possible and iron again. This usually prevents any problems.

Q. I have woken up the day after my treatment with my hair all over the place - I can't wash it or wet it down - what can I do?
A. Just try running the irons through it again and this should put things back on track.

Q. How soon can I colour my hair after undergoing an Everyday Straight Hair treatment?
A. Wait two weeks before applying colour to the hair.

Q. Can Everyday Straight Hair be used on permed hair?
A. Yes it can, but check the condition. If the hair is colour treated or dry you should always use the Extra Conditioning variant.

Q. Can Everyday Straight Hair be used on Afro Caribbean Hair?
A. Everyday Straight Hair is not designed for use on Afro hair types.

Q. I have used Everyday Straight Hair and it's managed to get my very curly hair much straighter, but it still has waves and ripples in it. Why is this and what can I do to get it poker straight permanently?
A. On very curly hair it's crucial you use a degree of tension (at the Step 1 Straightening Cream phase) to smooth the hair into a straight pattern. If the hair is allowed to curl whilst the straightening cream is on and working the bonds will not break in a 'straight ' pattern, but instead a 'wavy' one. This tends to result in removal of curl and bulk but obvious ripples throughout the hair. You can get the hair straight, however I'd suggest you wait 2 weeks and if the hair is in good enough condition, apply Everyday Straight Hair Max Conditioning and repeat the process. This next time (because the majority of your original curl has been removed) you should find you get a 100% straight result.

Q. Where can I buy JoBaz in Australia?
A. Priceline and Big W

For further assistance or questions on JoBaz please visit

Review Product and giveaway prize was generously provided by JoBaz.

Monday, 4 March 2013


Blog update

News on the new collection is out.  I can now provide you with some images of this uber amazing collection so far.  I am so excited and can't wait till it hits the stores.  I will be the first in line to snap up the whole collection at my fave store Chanel Beaute at Bondi Junction.

This whole collection consists of

Stylo Eyeshadows in 

moon river, cool gold
pink lagoon, jade shore
blue ray, black stream

Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 

true blue

Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in 

black, zest, limilight
aqua blue, blue note

Le Vernis in 

lilis, azure, bel-argus

Levres Scintillantes in 

zephyr, envolee, eden

Rouge Coco Shines in 

Idylle, pygmalion

To ensure you do not miss out, call you local Chanel authorised seller and get your name on the wiating list.


Earlier post

I follow a few Chanel fans on twitter and I came across one link of a collection that I have not heard of.  I'm usually up there knowing what is going to be released and when but this one seems to be a little secret.  So not sure if the launch has not happened yet.

You may of heard of this collection but I haven't until recently.  I am sooo in love with it I cannot wait till its released and I will be buying one of each.

The collection is called L'ete Papillion De Chanel Summer 2013.  Inspiration comes from butterfly wings.

I cannot put an image on my blog as there doesn't seem to be any thus the reason thinking there hasn't been a launch yet.  But, I did come across a blog that had a personal picture of the collection so I have provided this link so you can have a look at how amazing these 'Fresh Effects' eyeshadow sticks are.  This collection is all about bright pops of colour.

Apparently this collection will be available from mid April and remember limited editions never hang around for long, they usually sell out within the first week.

What I am hoping for that this collection will be available in Australia.

I will update this blog once I find out more.

My hunt begins!

Sunday, 3 March 2013


I received an invitation to visit the Chanel Beaute At Bondi Junction Westfields to be spoilt for Valentines day.

When I arrived I was greeted with a red long stem rose, geez haven't had one of those in years!  I was then escorted to a table for a fragrance experience and a hand massage.  The whole experience lasted for about 40 minutes, I wanted to stay longer.

Before I left I was given a lovely gift from Chanel.  A fragrance for him Allure Homme Sport 10ml miniature bottle.  Beautiful, my man's present was sorted!