Friday, 21 December 2012

NAD's new store opening

WHEN:  11th December 6.00pm
WHERE:  NADS Tiffany Plaza, Oxford St, Bondi Junction

I attended the opening of NAD's newest store in Bondi Junction.  It was an intimate affair.

There were yummy canapes and cocktails and a tour around the clinic.

I met some lovely people including Blogger Kylie Ofiu (

Me and Kylie Ofiu

At the end of the night we were all given a nice treat.

Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

I recently attended a Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting at the brand new Eliunt kiosk in Westfield Bondi Junction to sample the range of oils.  Not sure what to expect, this is my first foodie tasting so very excited.

Olive oil has such a big part in making successfully delicious meals and canapes. No matter how simple the dish is if you have quality olive oil it will enhance the flavours and make every dish mouthwatering heaven.

Being Italian I thought I knew a lot about olive oil, I grew up with it and we drizzle it on everything.  What I didn't know is the different strengths required for different dishes and how it can alter the taste.

For example, for salad it is recommended that a light and fruity extra virgin olive oil is best, like Vitality from Australia and if you are bread dipping, a strong and heavy oil like the Olivar from Spain.

Chef preparing each dish with a different olive oil

I honestly couldn't pick a favourite, they were all so delicious.

My tasting tapas dishes

With all of the Eliunt oils they help balance out the flavours of each dish.  There is no right or wrong way to use olive oil, it is all purely down to the taste of your palate and what you and your guests prefer.  That is what is great about Eliunt's collection of olive oils from around the world you do not have to fill your pantry with lots of large bottles of olive oil instead the bottles are small & convenient, just the way I like it.  For me its not about the size of the product but about the quality of it.

There are currently 10 oils in the range and I cannot wait when they expand the range further in the future.  Their current range includes amazing oils from Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA and Australia. 

Whole collection in a box gift set

My top three favourites from the collection is Australia, Turkey and Jordan.

The best thing about this collection is the presentation packs.  You can either buy the whole collection in a box set which you will receive a lovely keepsake book explaining each oil and its region, or you can mix and match a small gift box set.

Since attending this launch I have returned and purchased a gift pack for a gift for my aunty.  I was the favourite of the day!

Eliunt can be purchased either online or at Westfield Bondi Junction.

Eliunt packs come in a variety of options including;

The Compendium RRP $74.95
This package includes 10 fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world. Each has a unique and exquisite flavour, colour and aroma. The Compendium Pack also incorporates a display holder the Oils and a hand-drawn booklet to transport you through the history of Olive Oil. Your journey is about to begin.

Make your own (three RRP $23.95 and five RRP$33.95)
Let your imagination fly around the globe and let your taste buds pick either three or five of your favourite Eliunt Olive Oils.

Intercontinental Gift Pack RRP $24.95 for three pack and RRP $34.95 for five pack
Olive Oils from the Intercontinental regions come from outstanding groves carefully selected. The three pack includes Italy, Australia and Lebanon. The five pack includes Oils from Jordan, Tunisia, Greece, USA and Australia.

Mediterranean Gift Pack RRP$24.95 for three pack and RRP $34.95 for five pack 
Mediterranean Olive Oils are famous for their outstanding fruity aromas and flavours. The three pack includes Oils from Italy, Greece and Spain and the five Oils include Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. 

Friday, 14 December 2012

NADS - My first laser hair removal experience

My first experience with laser was in the UK in 2003.  Once tried and never again, it was so painful that it made waxing seem like tickling.  I do not recall the type of laser that was used back then, it was so long ago.

When I returned back to Australia late 2004 after living there for almost 4 years, I told many friends about my laser experience and none of them had ever heard about lasering your hair away!

Years had past and I continued to Veet my legs (waxing was way to painful for me) and wax my underarms (not so painful).  In 2009 I decided to brave lasering again. I had heard and read a lot about the new technology of laser hair removal and there were lots of centres that had popped up everywhere including salons adding it to part of their service.

I tried out a local clinic and they burnt my underarm which scabbed up and was very painful.  That was it for me, no more laser, just waxing from now on.

In 2010 a friend of mine told me about NAD's clinic and said that they were very professional and guarranteed their service.  So I tried them.  They were good.  I had my top lip and underarms done.  Since then I have only had to top up once above lip area.

In the new year I have decided to take it a step further and brave the laser and do my bikini area.

I will post my experience here once I get it done.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Allegra Rhodes 'Ocean Mist' Hand & Nail Creme Review

My product of the moment is Allegra Rhodes 'Ocean Mist' hand and nail creme. The packaging feels Mediterranean and the pump bottle is cute, the right size to fit on the dresser or bathroom cabinet. I like it, its a change from the common tubes that I have at the moment.

The fragrance takes me back when I was travelling around Europe.  Its fresh and light with a blend of fresh bergamot and zesty lemon, layered with jasmine, rose and sandalwood rounded with a divine Oceanic scent.  It's very pleasant on the nose and glides on thinly on the hands absorbing easily.

My overall rating - 4/5

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Keeping up with the beauty market

There are so many products and brands entering the market and I wish I could buy and try every single one of them.  With new technology and ingredients, even the packaging are becoming more attractive.

Rewinding five years ago, we didn't have half as many international brands available here.  It was mostly the major brand names with a handful of small international and local brands.

The ability to order online and many countries now posting to Australia has opened a whole new world of beauty heaven for us to indulge in.  Companies like Mecca Cosmetica and Kit Cosmetics also make it easier for us to buy quality products that would not normally be available to us unless you purchase online.

I guess we are more and more becoming aware and exposed to what's on offer as we spend more to look better.  Whether it be magazine articles, websites or even the travelling we do we are more educated and exposed to the latest beauty breakthroughs.

I love walking through DJs and Myer, touching and testing and buying products I've never heard of, to try and see results.  Some work and some don't, this doesn't mean they are crap it's just they may not be suitable for me.  Lucky I have three sisters to share the stuff around if I no longer want them.  But there are way too many coming out that I cannot keep up with them.

Recently my skin decided to have a spaz attack and breakout with pimples and rashes that would sting.  I was given cortisone cremes which worked for a while but became ineffective.  I was then given another creme to calm my skin down which eventually worked.  It took 6 months for my skin to almost return to normal.  I still get the occasional pimple here and there which have left pigmentation marks.  I found this to be very stressful as I have never ever had breakouts before in my life not even through my teenage years so this was very traumatic.

After speaking to a skin therapist I was told that chopping and changing products could of irritated my skin which caused it to develop an atopic dermatitis on my cheeks and chin.  It does make sense since I guess I never gave my skin the chance to get used to a certain product I was using.

So is using a multitude of brands and products beneficial or is it doing more harm than good?  I believe it can be beneficial using it longer term and not confusing the skin but then when a new and improved formula comes out do we buy it immediately and cease using the current product?  I think not.  This is what I was doing.

For the past month I have culled through my beauty cupboard and selected my faves and am sticking to those until they are finished.  Once I am at the stage to review my beauty regime I will introduce one new product at a time so I do not shock my skin.

Has anyone else experienced the same as I have?  I would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in finding out more about the creme that helped my skin recover it's called Elidel.  Apparently you can only have two tubes every six months as the creme is limited on the NHS due to its price.  It is very effective, so if you decide to use it, please see your GP and do not use it generously, you only need a very thin layer and you will need it to last.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Coleman Easy Lounger Review

OMG!  This chair is humongous.  I felt like Alice in Wonderland but camping.  It's an extra large version of those fold up chairs everyone seems to have.

What is there not to like about this chair! It's sturdy and unbelievably comfortable. The recliner is such an amazing part of the chair nothing like kicking back and relaxing with a nice cold beverage watching the world go by.

We used the chair on a recent picnic with some friends. All the guys hovered around it and the girls loved it.  The children, well lets say my son and his friend both had a nap on it, together!

The Coleman Easy Lounger folds away easily into its own carry bag and includes padded headrest, drink holders and even a magazine holder.  Its sturdy and surprisingly lighter than it looks.  It opens in 10 seconds and closes just as easy.  It comes in its own carry bag.

Since we only have one of these and hubby is feeling quite territorial over this chair, I think it is in order to buy me one.  

My overall rating - 5/5

Thank you Kidspot and Coleman for giving me the opportunity in trialling this chair.

Smooze - A delicious healthy treat

Smooze Fruit Ice Review
Will this be the newest health craze that has hit the market?  I think so.  There are not many products out in the market that are healthy, fun, delicious and dairy free, suitable for the lactose intolerant (like me).

I have an open mind when it comes to trying new food, I have never been a fan of coconut drinks, although I love coconut on my lamingtons and that is about as far as it went.  I was eager to try one and could not wait till it was frozen so I opened one and ate it, with the eager assistance of my 5 year old.  I think towards the end we were fighting over it (he won).  

I received 8 to trial, two of each flavour, these only lasted 3 days in my household, they disappeared before I could even get to taste another one.  But that's ok, I went out to the supermarket and stocked up, a box in each flavour and now I'm the hero of the week!

The flavours of each ingredient is equal throughout the whole ice block, no flavour overpowers the other.  It is refreshing, extremely yummy and no guilt tag attached to it. 

There are many ways of indulging in Smooze Fruit ice, try adding it to a smoothie for extra flavour and slushy texture, this was definitely a winner with my son.

Here is a sample smoothie recipe

Smooze Breakfast Buzz Smoothie Recipe (Serves 1) 

1 x frozen Smooze Fruit Ice of your choice 
1 x cup of either banana, peaches, berries or mango 
¾ cup milk of your choice (dairy or other) 
1 tspn honey 

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. 

Looking for a bigger kick to your morning routine but don’t want to add an egg? Include 1 tbsp of your favourite protein powder in the Smooze Breakfast Buzz Smoothie for a filling energy boost. 

Smooze Fruit Ice is available in four flavours – Pineapple + Coconut, Pink Guava + Coconut, Mango + Coconut, and Simply Coconut – and is distributed by Health Attack.

I would love for my son to take these to school but it is not possible to tear it open with your fingers, I would like to suggest this to Smooze, maybe adding a tear easy packaging.

Smooze Fruit Ice ingredients contains Coconut milk with real fruit.  Calories are at a minimum (means I can have two).  They come in 4 delicious flavours Pink Guava & Coconut, Simply Coconut, Pineapple & Coconut and Mango & Coconut.

Smooze Fruit Ice is available in the dessert aisle of supermarkets and independent grocers.  Box of 10 RRP$6.49.

For more information about Smooze and nutritional information visit their website -

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Johnson's Kids Review

Being a mum, you will do anything to make bath time quicker and more enjoyable. Trying to get my son into a bathtub can a challenge but for some reason once he's in there he doesn't want to come out. Washing his hair is another testing challenge.

If you want a way to get your child to willingly hop in the bathtub and scrub themselves clean, I recommend buying fun bath products like Johnson's Kids 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo & Top to Toe Wash.

The Top To Toe Wash can be used on both body and hair, which is a great time saver. It has a yummy scent of Watermelon which is a winner with my boy. My son tells me he big and can wash himself and with the No More Tears formula I'm confident that no more tears equals a positive and happy experience for all!

The 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo is just as awesome – no need for extra conditioner. It’s a great 2-in-1 product that also saves you time when it comes to washing the kids hair. Leaving it soft and easy to manage.

Overall rating - 4/5