Saturday, 21 July 2012

Nespresso Reader event with InsideOut Magazine

WHEN: 12th July 6.30pm

WHERE: Nespresso Pitt St Boutique, Sydney

Inside Out Magazine hosted an intimate event at the Nespresso Boutique situated in the heart of Pitt St Mall.  Tickets were available at Moshtix for $25 plus booking fee.

I was looking forward in hearing the latest trends in decorating and furniture from Milan by several guest speakers.

Upon entering the store I was greeted with some yummy looking cocktails, dark brown in a martini glass.  I knew coffee was involved and very curious to take my first gulp.  Delicious to a T, the Nespresso Martini was something I never had before and was excited on this new invention.  Well, not exactly a new invention but definitely new to my palate.  I happily finished it and went for a second, this time saviouring the flavour, mind you I did have to be careful, not so much of the alcohol but of the caffeine, I did need to sleep in this century.

There was a wonderful array of antipasti in the centre of the boutique with yummy olive bread, crackers and gressini, along with olives, cheese, fruit and nuts.  It went down so beautiful with the martini, I was already a very happy bunny.

Munching, sipping and exploring the Nespresso machines, smelling the divine candles and wondering around the floor, we were then escorted up stairs where the guest speakers were going to talk about their amazing trip to the Milan Fair 2012.
We all listened in and heard of the wonderful adventures from a Melbourne design duo, Wonder, filling us in the trends on colour, design and style.  Also, Michael Watson from De De Ce filled us in on what's hot from the world's most amazing Furniture Fair.

After the talks and slides were finished a lucky door prize was drawn :(, unfortunately I didn't win, but someone very lucky did.

Everyone was able to wonder around again nibbling on desserts and making purchases.  I made a B line for the counter and purchased a candle, 'Boise de Maragogype'.   It comes in a nice dark brown glass and the scent could be smelt through the packaging.  It smelt divine, I'm so into candles right now and can't wait to get it burning.  At $50 a pop, Made in Paris I was going to make sure I use every bit of the candle right to end of the wick.

The end drew to a close, as I left goodie bag were being handed out, I was very pleased with the gifts. Set of two lovely cups, delicious choccies, a pack of Nespresso coffee along with the latest issue of InsideOut.

It was such a pleasant evening.  I really enjoyed it.  I definitely want to attend another Nespresso event in the future, but with less Martini's.

Just to let you know I wasn't able to get to sleep till 2.30pm in the morning due to the three martinis I had!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Not Suitable for Children Movie review

Directed by: Peter Templeman
Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Bojana Novakovic and Laura Brent

Jonah (Ryan Kwanten) is a free spirited guy who loves to party and have fun until he finds out that he has testicular cancer and that he will be infertile in a month.  He searches through past girlfriends and future potential women to have a baby with before it's too late. With the help of his best friends, Jonah is on the road to self discovery about truths and reality about life and love and his desperation to become a father until he finds true love with his best friend and realises that having a child is not as important as finding the one to spend the rest of his life with.

This movie is entertaining right from the start. It does help that Ryan Kwanten (such a babe), was the leading actor.
It was set in the suburbs of inner sydney.  It has drama, comedy and romance, the perfect mixture for a great movie.  I caught myself moving in my seat when there was music, eyes welling up and laughing loads.  This is such a quality movie one that I could watch again and again.  There was no pretences or fairy tale fiction but more real situations with real issues that everyday people may go through.

Another quality movie pumped out of Oz.  It was nice to see an Aussie export Ryan Kwanten to find time in his schedule to come back home and film a great movie.

Overall Rating – 5/5