Monday, 7 May 2012

Shoe's makes the world go round

Event: MAFW 2012 - Keilana Skye Private Viewing
Where: Shangri-La Hotel, The Rocks
When: 3rd May 2012 - 7.30pm

I attended a private show collection viewing with a friend, at the Shangri-La, I wasn't sure what to expect as I have never attended a private viewing before.  As I entered the door I was cordially greeted by two lovely ladies.  The first Danielle Blakey.  First impressions, tall and attractive and sweet.  The second, Candy Maaka-Stoten, the brains behind the amazing designs of shoes, also a tall, attractive woman.

I glanced around the room and my eyes set upon a large collection of shoes.  Candy said we were welcome to try any pair on, play with them, ask questions and feel comfortable.  Before she could finish talking we were already drooling over these amazing shoes.  We tried to keep our cool and excitement. So many colours and styles, We tried on almost every pair.

These shoes were not only fashionably high but surprisingly comfortable. I always paired high heels with sore feet but not these, they have been designed to look good and feel good without the pain and suffering.

Here is photo of my favourite pair.

Elizabeth Pump in Leopard

After a good play and lovely chat to the girls, we were offered a pair of shoes of our choice to take away.  I thought my heart had stopped and I died and went to shoe heaven.  The decision was extremely hard as I wanted them all but I decided on the above but in a flat version.  I so wanted the high heel version but you see, I have just had my fracture boot removed a month before and I cannot wear heels for a while as my little ankle is still sore.  But the good news is my friend ordered the same pattern but heel version (as above), so when I am able to wear heels again, I can borrow hers!

Thank you for the opportunity and your hospitality.

To view the collection, click:

A Week of Fashion & lots of passion

Event:  Mercedes Australian Fashion Week
Where: OPT Circular Quay
When:  12.00pm - 3rd May 2012

I was fortunate enough to win a double VIP pass to view the highly anticipated show of the week 'We Are Handsome', sponsored by DHL.

There was definitely a buzz surrounding this brand I haven't heard of or seen their designs, but I was starting to get very excited to see.  I overheard several girls chatting on how they can't wait to see the show.

As the music started you can feel the excitement in the air, and then it happened....

The first model comes out wearing this amazing swimsuit, then the rest followed. 

One by one, each swimsuit print was more beautiful than the last.  It was very sexy.  

They had retro prints that reminded me of the 60s style.  I totally loved them all.  I was totally impressed by the originality, simplicity of each piece as they really worked and had great impact.  Amongst the loud music there was an amazing vibe.

This is a brand to definitely keep an eye out for, I think they will do very well.  It has definitely won me.

The designers behind the brand: Indhra Chagoury & Jeremy Jules Somers