Saturday, 13 August 2011

My First Post - Newbie on the Block

Congratulations to me! Finally doing my first blog!

I've always wanted to create a blog page and talk about anything and everything that interests me including shopping, events, launches, parties, freebies, holidays, anything that comes my way.

Now, I have to make sure I keep this up on a monthly basis and include it in my routine.

I will talk a little about myself.  I live in Sydney, have a 4 year old son and have been married for 17 years, I got married quite young, I was lucky that it worked out as it could of gone either way.

Anyway since I was young I was intrigued in modelling, fashion, beauty and photography.  In the 80s while all my friends were reading Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High novels I was reading books about modelling and how to look like Cindy Crawford and how to perfect my makeup.  I was also reading magazines like Cleo, Cosmo and Vogue. You would think that this would lead me in a career in either in the media, makeup or fashion world but unfortunately it didn't.  The high school I went to didnt provide career advice and I didnt know that this world existed out there for people like me, I thought it was all a dream and only available in the US!   Yes, I was quite naive. But I guess in the 80s there wasn't as much of publicised opportunity like now.

My eyes were opened once I got married as I was exposed to the industry in my early 20s, even then Australia was quite conservative in Fashion and Beauty compared to the rest of the world but I did manage to get on the VIP lists to the best parties around Sydney, my social life was so hectic and the goodie bags were piling up in my spare room it was awesome, mind you the sponsors back then were very generous. 

The other passion of mine is entering competitions, trialling products etc.  I have been entering competitions since I was 12 and have been winning successfully, lots of beauty products, clothes and many other items.  Obviously over the years, especially the last 2-3 years its been getting harder to win due to exposure on TV about competitions and the internet making it easier to enter, which is fine, I'm still winning my fair share of prizes especially beauty is the easiest to win, not sure why maybe people don't choose to enter these.  Mind you I dont just enter any competition, I have to like the product and will only enter the ones that I know and will use, no use filling up the house with unwanted items.  I'm the opposite of a hoarder, I tend to spring clean my place every month!

About trialling products, I love experimenting with new products.  I've always been the 'go to' person for advice on skincare, makeup and hair.  I also spoilt them with facials, massages and sometimes makeovers.  My cosmetic collection was and still is to die for with hundreds of colours and different types of products.

I love collecting samples from departments stores, pharmacies and the internet.  Without them how would we know what these products would be like?  I try everything and anything.  I always talk about them too whether they are good for me or not so good.

These days we have fabuluous websites like, and just to name a few that give all the opportunity to trial products and hear first hand the truth about how products fair from everyday people like myself.  They provide invaluable information and making it fun at the same time.  They have changed the face of beauty and how we look at it by exposing us to all the reputable brands to new and up and coming brands and products.

Anyway, my blog will probably be boring to some and interesting to others, but I believe in non biased opinions and I like to tell the truth about my experiences of things that I experience.  If I find a product shit, I will say so, if I buy an item and the quality is shoddy I will say so but I will also praise what is deserving, thus the name of my blog 'Nobullshop', had to watch my language there, I didn't want to attract unwanted attention by naming it 'Nobullshit' but I didn't think it was appropriate anyway.

Well, I will leave it here, I hope you enoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Until next time.

Ta ta for now