Sunday, 11 December 2011

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo Review

In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about my love for dry shampoos.  I recently discovered Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo whilst browsing through the isles at Priceline. The can look pretty and I decided to give it a try.

It has a light floral fragrance with notes of red hibiscus, orange, freesia, green leaf, tuberose, peony, lily, spice musk and vetiver. When I sprayed directly onto the hair, the fragrance filled the bathroom. I gave my hair a brushing through to work the product through. 

Even thought this product felt and looked great for the day by the evening my hair looked dirty and I had no choice but to wash it.  It is a great cheaper alternative but not a favourite.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

HTC Rhyme & PopSugar VIP Event @ Lattouf Day Spa

WHEN: Thursday, 20th October at 6.30pm

WHERE: LATTOUF Hair & Day Spa, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, 61-101 Phillip Street, Sydney.

I was very excited to attend this event, I knew there was going to be all kinds of pampering going on.  As we walked in the door there were loads of people walking around sipping on champagne and nipping on food.  There was sooo much food  everywhere, everyone could of easily filled themselves up.  There were grilled chicken breast skewers, prawn skewers, beef skewers, sushi, spring rolls, food for vegetarians and as my son calls himself  'meat vegetarian'!  It was free flowing and non stop all night you had to actually turn the food away.

The layout of the salon was fabulous, firstly, I had my hair done, then a neck massage, followed by a mani, I was waiting for a foot massage but I would of had to wait for more than an hour and I had to leave so I only got two treatments which I am more than happy with. 

In between all the food and treatments there were HTC techs walking around with the latest phones showing each individual the functions of the phone and new features.  There was a speech by the marketing manager of HTC. 

We also entered a competition to win one of 5 phones and you wouldnt believe it, my friend received the call the following morning saying she won the phone, I was estatic!  Out of all the people that were there one of us got it, I tell you something she desperately needed a new phone so it was well deserved!

Anyway, the night ended in a high, it was a wonderful night, we got spoilt and stuffed, we played and poked around with phones and walked away with a pretty decent goody bag.

Sydney Westfield Styling Session with Dove

WHEN: 21st October 4.00pm

WHERE: Westfield Sydney City, Level 5, Style Lounge, Pitt St Mall

Dove hosted an intimate event at Sydney's Westfield.  I won a double pass to attend this exclusive event via Westfield's. The room decked out in and pink, very pretty. I spotted a couple of people I knew so it was nice to have a quick chat. The lovely stylist Trish Murray was going through the rack of whats hot for summer and I tell you there were some lovely pieces, all available from the stores in Westfield.  As the evening went on, sipping on mineral water and eating nibblies and watching the near perfect model modelling each outfit, I was ticking off my list of items to buy.  I'm sooo looking forward to shopping this spring with all the block colouring and nice wedge shoes, apparently sand coloured shoes are the ones to get this season!

After an hour of face stuffing, and oohing and aaahing at the prettiest pieces, it was time to leave.  We were all handed a goodie bag.  It was amazing!  I did not expect the goodies that we got, there was a $50 Westfield gift voucher, a $195 value pashmina scarf beautifully wrapped and boxed, a bundle of Dove products, a cute little make-up purse from Beautyheaven, a discount voucher for wine and yummy chocolates from Cadbury.

We took the bus home and almost polished off the box of chocolates!

I'm going to start including photos in my blogs, I am still learning the ropes on blogging so hopefully it will be more entertaining to read.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Aveeno Active Naturals - Positively Radiant Cleanser

I love trawling the isles in Priceline looking for new products and brands that have hit the shelves.

This time round I discovered Aveeno.  A softer natural range from the people behind Johnson & Johnson.

I stocked up on body wash, body moisturiser and bath milk.  I absolutely love Aveeno range especially for my son.

The fragrance is soft and subtle and very inviting. It is very gentle to use on children. The packaging is friendly and natural looking. The bottle fits nicely in my hand without slipping.  The texture of the cleanser is soft, smooth and silky which felt really nice. 

The cleanser is gentle with very little foaming.  I personally prefer a product to foam up, I feel like I get a better clean.

Price tag is mid range with the occasional specials at Priceline, Woolies or Coles

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Klorane Dry Shampoo Review

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is a convenient alternative to cleansing and refreshing your hair without having to wash it. This has been a permanent staple in my bathroom for the past 3 years. 

The brand Klorane has been around since the 1960s. Whilst staying with family in Menton, the south of France back in 2004, I discovered that they owned a beauty salon/pharmacy. I discovered so many amazing french brands, including Klorane. Back then there was no dry shampoo, mainly body and hair products. 

I was so tired of washing my hair every second day and styling my frizzy bouffant that I started researching products to help.  With an hour kill at lunch I headed to Priceline and bombarded the SA with questions and advice.  At the time dry shampoo had a very small place in the beauty market.  There were only three brands available, with Klorane being one of them.  So to find out that Priceline stocked this brand I was over the moon.  I purchased all three and out of the three I liked Klorane for my hair the best.

It is suitable for all hair types, as well as sensitive scalps.  It has been my lifesaver since, washing my hair every 3-4 days.  With working full-time and raising a family it's hard to put some time aside for myself to wash, blowdry and style my hair without an ankle biter yanking on the cord.  I'm usually resorting to do my hair really late at night, by then too tired to style, going to be with damp hair and having to fight with my frizz in the morning.

What's even great about this dry shampoo is that my hair still looks great the next day and the day after that.

I've recently noticed since more brands of dry shampoo have come onto the market, the price has dropped. When  I first purchased Klorane Dry Shampoo, I used to pay around $15.  As dry shampoo brands have popped up I can easily pick it up for around $10-12.

My overall rating - 5/5. Viva La France!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Dove Body Silk Moisturiser Review

I received a lovely prize in the mail that consisted of Dove triple moisturising body wash, Loofah and supreme body silk. I'm so glad that I did because it is not a product that I would pick on the shelf of a supermarket and buy.  Not because of the brand or packaging, I've just never really been into moisturising my body and didn't realise after using it how much my body needed it.

Dove Body Silk is a rich silky moisturising cream for all skin types. It is suitable for use all over the body and is non-greasy. It will nourish rough skin, leaving it soft and silky especially on the knees and elbows.

After a shower I used Dove Supreme body silk and it felt oh so lush. My skin absorbed it instantly and felt silky smooth and smelt delicious. There was no sticky residue, I was able to get dressed almost immediately.

Me love this product long time.

My overall rating - 4/5 - Affordable with the luxury feel.

Pantene Pro-V Review

Beautyheaven sent me some Pantene Pro-V products to trial and review. I am par to their trial panel. Very exciting stuff.

Pantene Pro-V - Aqua Light Shampoo
True to Pantene, the familiar fragrance is yummy, not too strong but just right. They have gone in a different direction with their packaging a more modern upscale look. Clear bottles  showing you exactly how much you have left.

The texture is a gel-like clear formula with no colouring. I only needed a small amount as it lathered up quickly.  Once I rinsed my hair, it felt nice and soft and I hadn't even put conditioner on yet.

Pantene Pro-V - Aqua Light Conditioner

I love the texture of the product.  It has a thick and creamy consistency. Fragrance is similar to the shampoo.

I applied the conditioner to mid length to tops and left it on for about a minute or so.  I rinsed thorough.  I was worried that the conditioner was too heavy for my hair weighing it down.  But this did not happened.  My hair is more manageable and less frizzy.  Feeling soft, and oh so light and shiny. 

After using it for about a month, I'm very impressed with the condition of my hair as Pantene in past, made my hair quite static and flyaway but with this shampoo it has made my hair much more manageable.

My overall rating 4/5 - Budget products that work effectively.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

SK-II - Facial Treatment Essence Review

I received a sample of the essence 5 years ago and have been using it ever since. Apart from the expensive price tag, I truly believe my skins condition and radiance is the result from using the essence.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was the first SK-II product to be released. It was launched in Japan in 1980 and the formula has not changed since. Rich in Pitera, it contains 90%, which is the highest concentration in the whole range. It works to boost the skin's moisture intake, smooth skin texture and renew dull looking skin.

The Facial Treatment Essence is the only product I use from the SK-II range. I've never come across a product so effective in evening out my skin tone as well as a giving me skin clarity.

I regularly receive compliments about my complexion, even though I do have an extensive beauty regime I stick to, there is only so much a moisturiser can do and rest are products that you add to your regime. 

Even though it has a high price tag, I do think the essence is good value for money. I only purchase the essence twice a year and the results justify the price.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


It's taken me 3 months to finally figure out what my log on and password was for my blog. I only got started and I had misplaced my details!

What is happening to my brain? What happen to the days before mobile phones and computers when we had to memorise more than 10 phone numbers, people addresses, appointments and all the other stuff we used our brains for!

Seriously, life is far more complicated these days, technology is supposed to make it easier for us but its given us more work and made our brains lazier. We may have it easy not having to remember phone numbers, appointments and even accessing our emails from our phones but we need passwords and account numbers for everything and where do we store all that info? 

Is technology really helping us? Without it we memorise everything, with it we forget everything and rely on our phone but still need passwords to access everything.

Anyway, I wanted to start blogging about products and everyday stuff which I have not been able to do and although fate may be playing a part telling me it is not my time now, too bad I will try anyways! Even thought I tried every avenue to log in but couldn't, I gave up and thought to start all over again in the new year. 

Tonight, as I felt like spring cleaning my desk and office I accidentally stumbled across a piece of paper that had fallen behind my desk whilst cleaning. It had my log on details, hooray! 

This is all a new adventure for me, learning about social media and blogging and a whole new vocabulary that goes with it.

Until next time, good night and good bye

Saturday, 13 August 2011

My First Post - Newbie on the Block

Congratulations to me! Finally doing my first blog!

I've always wanted to create a blog page and talk about anything and everything that interests me including shopping, events, launches, parties, freebies, holidays, anything that comes my way.

Now, I have to make sure I keep this up on a monthly basis and include it in my routine.

I will talk a little about myself.  I live in Sydney, have a 4 year old son and have been married for 17 years, I got married quite young, I was lucky that it worked out as it could of gone either way.

Anyway since I was young I was intrigued in modelling, fashion, beauty and photography.  In the 80s while all my friends were reading Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High novels I was reading books about modelling and how to look like Cindy Crawford and how to perfect my makeup.  I was also reading magazines like Cleo, Cosmo and Vogue. You would think that this would lead me in a career in either in the media, makeup or fashion world but unfortunately it didn't.  The high school I went to didnt provide career advice and I didnt know that this world existed out there for people like me, I thought it was all a dream and only available in the US!   Yes, I was quite naive. But I guess in the 80s there wasn't as much of publicised opportunity like now.

My eyes were opened once I got married as I was exposed to the industry in my early 20s, even then Australia was quite conservative in Fashion and Beauty compared to the rest of the world but I did manage to get on the VIP lists to the best parties around Sydney, my social life was so hectic and the goodie bags were piling up in my spare room it was awesome, mind you the sponsors back then were very generous. 

The other passion of mine is entering competitions, trialling products etc.  I have been entering competitions since I was 12 and have been winning successfully, lots of beauty products, clothes and many other items.  Obviously over the years, especially the last 2-3 years its been getting harder to win due to exposure on TV about competitions and the internet making it easier to enter, which is fine, I'm still winning my fair share of prizes especially beauty is the easiest to win, not sure why maybe people don't choose to enter these.  Mind you I dont just enter any competition, I have to like the product and will only enter the ones that I know and will use, no use filling up the house with unwanted items.  I'm the opposite of a hoarder, I tend to spring clean my place every month!

About trialling products, I love experimenting with new products.  I've always been the 'go to' person for advice on skincare, makeup and hair.  I also spoilt them with facials, massages and sometimes makeovers.  My cosmetic collection was and still is to die for with hundreds of colours and different types of products.

I love collecting samples from departments stores, pharmacies and the internet.  Without them how would we know what these products would be like?  I try everything and anything.  I always talk about them too whether they are good for me or not so good.

These days we have fabuluous websites like, and just to name a few that give all the opportunity to trial products and hear first hand the truth about how products fair from everyday people like myself.  They provide invaluable information and making it fun at the same time.  They have changed the face of beauty and how we look at it by exposing us to all the reputable brands to new and up and coming brands and products.

Anyway, my blog will probably be boring to some and interesting to others, but I believe in non biased opinions and I like to tell the truth about my experiences of things that I experience.  If I find a product shit, I will say so, if I buy an item and the quality is shoddy I will say so but I will also praise what is deserving, thus the name of my blog 'Nobullshop', had to watch my language there, I didn't want to attract unwanted attention by naming it 'Nobullshit' but I didn't think it was appropriate anyway.

Well, I will leave it here, I hope you enoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Until next time.

Ta ta for now